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ÖVO-Dialog: "'Green Finance' in der Unternehmensführung und Organisationsentwicklung"

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New publication in International Review of Administrative Sciences

Tobias Polzer, together with Sara Melo and Lode De Waele, has published a study on “The role of Post-New Public Management in shaping innovation: The case of a public hospital”.

Euro cities

Presentation on “Digital Services of General Interest” at Eurocities Event

Tobias Polzer held a presentation on “Digital Services of General Interest: Empirical Findings and Perspectives on German Public Utilities as Partners in Digital Transformation” at the event “Experts…


Stephan Leixnering awarded the Kardinal-Innitzer-Prize 2022

Stephan Leixnering has received the Kardinal-Innitzer-Prize 2022 in the category Promotion Prize for Social and Economic Sciences for his habilitation thesis. The prize was awarded by the protector of…

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Renate Meyer at the Swiss Governance Forum 2022

The Swiss Governance Forum is an annual event organized by the Center of Competence for Public Management at the University of Bern. This year’s event was titled “Der Staat von morgen. Warum wir jetzt…