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Prof. Alfons Weichenrieder

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Photograph: Prof. Alfons Weichenrieder

Prof. Alfons Weichenrieder is full professor of Economics and Public Finance at Goethe-University Frankfurt and a research-oriented guest professor at the WU Research Institute of International Taxation. Alfons Weichenrieder received his doctorate in economics in 1995 from the University of Munich under the supervision of Hans-Werner Sinn. He taught in Munich, at Princeton University, and at the University of Vienna before taking up the Chair of Public Finance at Goethe University in October 2002. He is a co-opted member of the Public Finance Section of the German Economic Association, an International Research Fellow of the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation where he visited in 2008/09. He is also a research professor at Ifo Institute Munich, a CESifo Research Fellow, and a member of the Scientific Council of the German Ministry of Finance. Alfons Weichenrieder is managing editor of FinanzArchiv (Public Finance Analysis) and associate editor of International Tax and Public Finance.

His current research concentrates on topics in international business taxation with a strong emphasis on the interaction between institutional rules and economic outcomes. His current research projects are aiming at a combination of corporate governance and corporate tax issues and in a recent book project in collaboration with Jack Mintz from the University of Calgary he is inspecting the role of taxation in international ownership chains. Weichenrieder will contribute to the doctoral program mainly in research area 2 (Locational Decisions) and 4 (International Coordination of Business Taxation).

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