We would like to welcome all inte­rested students to the Insti­tute for Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control. We provide an intel­lec­tually chal­len­ging envi­ron­ment and strive for rele­vant rese­arch tied with inno­va­tive educa­tion. Currently, we offer single courses and entire specia­liza­t­ions for the bachelor, master and doctoral program levels.

The SBWL Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control

We provide a special program for students inte­rested in merging topics of manage­ment and IT to achieve syste­matic control over stra­tegic and opera­tive goals in various orga­niza­t­ional areas like enter­prises, govern­ments, or non-­profit orga­niza­t­ions.

The SBWL is avail­able for students regis­tered to one of the follo­wing programs of study:

  • Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion (Betriebs­wirt­schafts­lehre - BWL)

  • Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion (Inter­na­tio­nale Betriebs­wirt­schafts­lehre - IBWL)

  • Infor­ma­tion Systems (Wirt­schafts­in­for­matik - WINF)

  • Busi­ness Law (Wirt­schafts­recht - WIRE)

Follo­wing figure shows a brief over­view of the SBWL struc­ture and the courses therein:

Picture displaying SBWL Course Overview

For more infor­ma­tion on our SBWL please visit the bachelor program section or take a look at the SBWL presen­ta­tion slides.

The Compe­tence Field for Master Program in Infor­ma­tion Systems

Accor­ding to the struc­ture of the Master Program in Infor­ma­tion Systems at the WU, students stri­ving for the master degree are demanded, among other requi­re­ments, to pass two IT-Spe­cia­liza­tion programs. One of these IT-Spe­cia­liza­tion programs may be replaced by a successful parti­ci­pa­tion of two compe­tence areas.

Our insti­tute cont­ri­butes to the Master Program in Infor­ma­tion Systems by provi­ding such a compe­tence field specia­liza­tion program for master degree students. The next figure displays the prere­qui­sites as well as the two courses for the compe­tence field:

Picture showing Course Overview of Master

For more infor­ma­tion regar­ding our compe­tence field "IS Manage­ment and Accoun­ta­bi­lity" please visit our compe­tence field section.

Please Note: To attend the Master Program in Infor­ma­tion Systems at WU students must fulfill specific requi­re­ments. Beside having finished an appro­priate bachelor program, pros­pect master degree students require 2 letters of recom­men­da­tion, confirmed and signed by 2 scien­tific employees of the univer­sity, as well as an adequate confir­ma­tion of suffi­cient profi­ci­ency in English.

Letters of Recom­men­da­tion

We write letters of recom­men­da­tion only for students who have taken courses offered by the insti­tute, who are advised by a faculty member of the insti­tute to write a bachelor or master thesis, or who are in other terms closely related to the insti­tute, e.g., work as tutor or student assis­tant. Every request for a recom­men­da­tion letter needs to be sent to Sebas­tian[dot]Margiol[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at toge­ther with infor­ma­tion on the posi­tion or study program applied for, a short moti­va­tion letter (one page) and a recent tran­script of the appli­cant's study records.

Proof of suffi­cient profi­ci­ency in English

The IT-re­lated courses of our SBWL taught in English may be credited to parti­ally proof suffi­cient profi­vi­ency in English. For details on the veri­fi­ca­tion condi­tions please refer to the offi­cial requi­re­ments page.

Bachelor and Master Theses

Our insti­tute also supports bachelor and master students writing their final theses. For more infor­ma­tion on how to apply for and write your thesis please visit our thesis section.

Course Over­view

To get a more compact over­view of our complete course offe­rings feel free to browse our list of avail­able courses.

General infor­ma­tion on course atten­dance

Below please consider the follo­wing important general infor­ma­tion rele­vant for your learning expe­ri­ences with us:

Prere­qui­sites for success­fully comple­ting courses:

  • Please note that co-re­gis­tered students (students who register single courses at WU on behalf of their main degree at another primary univer­sity) cannot join sequen­cing courses.

  • Students have to pass the basic courses before being allowed to attend specia­liza­tion courses. We are very sorry, but we have to sign out all co-re­gis­tered students from these courses.

  • The teaching language for courses can be English or German. For all English courses we expect all regis­tered students to be profi­cient in English spea­king, writing and reading.