We are a dynamic rese­arch driven insti­tute brin­ging toge­ther talented students, visio­nary industry leaders and acade­mics who are working at the fron­tiers of their fields. Our mission is to respond to the needs of orga­niza­t­ions and socie­ties in regard to infor­ma­tion and tech­no­logy manage­ment, espe­cially conside­ring accoun­ta­bi­lity. We provide an intel­lec­tually chal­len­ging envi­ron­ment and strive for rele­vant rese­arch and inno­va­tive educa­tion.

Rese­arch Aims:

The inter­di­sci­pli­nary Insti­tute for Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control (IMC) focuses on expan­ding the role of Manage­ment Control and Accoun­ting in Infor­ma­tion Systems through state-of-t­he-art educa­tion and rese­arch, and regular outreach activi­ties. In the fore­see­able future economic climate, IT mana­gers and acade­mics will need to contem­plate over the critical chal­lenges of how to reduce, monitor and control opera­tional IT risks within enter­prises to achieve greater orga­ni­sa­tional trans­pa­rency and provide envi­ron­mental sustaina­bi­lity. Respon­sible IT gover­nance and manage­ment is at the core of on-going debates arguing for wider accoun­ta­bi­lity to all involved stake­hol­ders inclu­ding private and public orga­niza­t­ions, and users and citi­zens. While the effi­ci­ency and the effec­tiveness of opera­tions continue to be at the fore­front of IT perfor­mance assess­ments, new dimen­sions inclu­ding secu­rity, social and envi­ron­mental impacts are deman­ding more atten­tion in total respon­si­bi­lity approa­ches. Regu­la­tion is (re-)gaining grounds not only in specific indus­tries (such as finan­cial services) but also across sectors, e.g. with low carbon regu­la­tions driving trans­pa­rency through carbon foot­prints. Rese­arch is needed that better allow orga­niza­t­ions to re-act by re-e­va­lua­ting their IT deci­sion making and assess­ment approa­ches, change manage­ment systems, deve­lop­ment processes and methods in an effort to improve control over their infor­ma­tion and tech­no­lo­gies. Special conside­ra­tion should be attri­buted to the growing chal­lenge of comp­li­ance driven changes, which may cause largely symbolic outcomes rather than substan­tial impacts on IS/IT secu­rity levels. In this context, IMC aims at deve­lo­ping an array of diffe­rent ideas and initia­tives in a globa­lized and digital world promo­ting Accoun­ta­bi­lity within the disci­pline of Infor­ma­tion Systems.


Our disse­mi­na­tion stra­tegy includes a wide mix of outlets and forums inclu­ding inter­na­tional confe­rences, tradi­tional and Open-Ac­cess based top jour­nals and books.

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To ensure the inter­na­tional and profes­sional character of its rese­arch the insti­tute coope­rates with various part­ners and orga­niza­t­ions inside and outside WU. Colla­bo­ra­tions are agreed both on the univer­si­tary level and with private orga­niza­t­ions of industry and govern­ment. For a list of our part­ners please visit our part­ners area.

Our Projects:

In our projects we target the deve­lop­ment of new theory, the intro­duc­tion of inno­va­tive teaching and assess­ment methods in Higher Educa­tion, and the appli­ca­tion of exis­ting theory in new ways in a prac­tical context toge­ther with our various industry part­ners.

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Cont­ri­bu­tions to External Projects:

Some staff members are currently involved in the admi­nis­tra­tion or conduct projects with our part­ners, e.g. the Forschungs­in­stitut für rechen­in­te­sive Methoden (FIRM), a rese­arch group at the WU provi­ding huge calcu­la­tion capa­ci­ties through a grid compu­ting system to solve compu­ta­tio­nally intense problems.


The Insti­tute for Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control is regular co-or­ga­ni­zing inter­na­tional confe­rences and other events as part of our outreach and commu­nity buil­ding activi­ties. We recently orga­nized and run a very successful edition of the Inter­na­tional Confe­rence on Infor­ma­tion Resources Manage­ment (Conf-IRM) 2012 at WU in Vienna. We also regu­larly parti­ci­pate in the orga­niza­tion of large and pres­ti­gious global IS confe­rences such as the Hawaii Inter­na­tional Confe­rence on System Sciences (HICSS) or the American Confe­rence on Infor­ma­tion Systems (AMCIS), which are among the longe­st-­stan­ding conti­nuously running scien­tific IS related confe­rences. Further­more, we co-or­ga­nize specia­lized or deve­lop­mental confe­rences such as the Confe­rence on ICT Manage­ment for Global Compe­ti­tiveness and Economic Growth in Emer­ging Econo­mics (ICTM), the IADIS Infor­ma­tion Systems Confe­rences or the Inter­na­tional Confe­rence on Rese­arch and Prac­tical Issues of Enter­prise Infor­ma­tion Systems (CONFENIS).


The Insti­tute for Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control is orga­ni­zing work­shops and other events as part of our outreach and commu­nity buil­ding activi­ties. For more infor­ma­tion please visit our work­shops area.