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Bachelor and Master Theses

Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist aktuell nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

If you have decided to write your bachelor or master thesis at the Institute for International Business, please contact the corresponding professor or assistant for further information or to suggest your own topic. Please take the specific assignment procedures of bachelor and master theses into account.

Professors Fisch, Mohr, Nell, and Puck & their assistants regularly publish a list of topics that are currently available to work on in a bachelor or master thesis on the IIB website.

Twice a semester, a list is published where the institute members outline their topics. Students can submit their applications for topics by emailing a completed application form to the supervisor (see link and deadline below).

Topics cannot be reserved in advance. Although it is not obligatory, we recommend completing the course "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" (Scientific Work) before applying for a thesis. Date and place of the assignment as well as the available topics (~1 week before the assignment) are announced on this site in time. Being familiar with International Business concepts (e.g. by completing the specialization International Business) is handy but not a prerequisite.

Next assignment (application deadline): 11.03.2024

List of topics will be avialabe ~ 1 week prior to the assignment

Please connect with potential supervisors by mail to discuss content of topics individually/bilaterally or if you/want/wish/need further information on a specific topic.
Submit your final application until Monday, March 11 by email to your potential supervisor. Every student is only allowed to submit one application!
The following pdf-File contains all information you will need in order to apply for a thesis, in particular about the general procedure of the theses assignment at our Institute and the deadline for application.

Thesis assignment (procedure - March 2024)

Application form

If you want to suggest your own topic, you should contact a potential supervisor four weeks before the assignment takes place at the latest. If your suggested topic fits the institute's research interest, it will be included in our list and published on the website along with the other topics. The application procedure remains the same as explained above.

Within four weeks after the topic presentation a proposal has to be submitted electronically to your supervisor. Based on the quality of your proposal, a final decision on thesis supervision will be taken. As a rule, there is no maximum to the number of students that work on one topic. The decision whether a student is supervised is taken solely based on the quality of the proposal.

Submission of your final thesis
  • Upload the final version of your thesis to Learn@WU.

  • Ensure that your thesis is complete, signed, and includes the "Deckblatt" (click here: Bachelor, Master).

  • Hand in one hardcopy of your thesis at the institute.

  • The submitted hardcopy has to be identical to your electronically uploaded version.

Please inform yourselves about necessary documents and administrative issues regarding the completion of your studies at WU.