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The Institute carries out teaching activities as part of WU’s undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral/PhD programs.


BSc in Business, Economics and Social Sciences

  • Common Body of Knowledge: Future-Oriented Business (ZuWi) I & II

  • Elective: Environmental Economics

  • Free electives: Experiencing Sustainability

Researchers of the Institute for Ecological Economics are available to supervise bachelor’s degree students pursuing socio-economic research on environmental topics.


Students who begin the Master’s Program in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP) come to WU as economists, political scientists, businesspeople, biologists, sociologists, lawyers, or engineers.

They leave equipped with socio-economic theories and methods and an understanding of how the relevant disciplines intersect, and how to work across disciplines to confront global and local socio-ecological challenges.


We offer doctoral-level courses in Ecological Economics and supervise doctoral/PhD theses in our research groups.

GrEnFin summer school and workshops

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A complete list of courses offered by members of the Institute can be found here.