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Ecological Economics Seminars (IEES)

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IEES SS 2022

March 16th12pm-1pmAsjad NaqviThe spatial-temporal distribution of exposure to traffic-related PM emissions and the role of SAEVs: A case study of Vienna
April 6th12pm-1pmRoman HausmannThe Potential of Community-led Economic Initiatives for Building a Local Structural Basis for Economic Change: an Empirical Case Study from a ‘Social Provisioning’ Perspective
May 18th12pm-1pmZully Rosadio CayllahuaEvolution and environmental consequences of Latin American wood trade patterns from 1997 to 2017
June 8th12pm-1pmMartin CernyGlobal employment and skill level requirements for ‘Post-Carbon Europe’
June 22nd12pm-1pmSebastian LuckenederMining, land use, and regional income in Brazil. Economic and environmental perspectives on resource-dependent “development”