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Digital Ecosystems


Herzlich Willkommen am Institut für Digital Ecosystems!

Am Institut für Digital Ecosystems beschäftigen wir uns mit den Wechselwirkungen zwischen dem Design digitaler (Öko-)Systeme und Nutzerverhalten. Wir untersuchen die Digitalisierung von Entscheidungsfindung in unterschiedlichen Kontexten (z. B. Retail, Finanzen, urbanes Leben) und entwickeln Algorithmen und Systeme zur Unterstützung von privaten und unternehmerischen Entscheidungsträgern.


A warm welcome to our students in WU's master's program Digital Economy

Verena Dorner und Alexander Prosser

The Institute for Digital Ecosystems is pleased to welcome our students to WU's Master’s in Digital Economy’s Program and congratulate you on your successful admission!

We are delighted that you are joining us for the start of the winter term 2023/24 and wish you all the best for your first semester at WU.

Jorão Gomes Jr. publishes new paper: Fortifying Blockchain with Post-Quantum Consensus Solutions

Jorao Gomes Jr.

Jorão Gomes Jr published a new paper titled "Fortifying the Blockchain: A Systematic Review and Classification of Post-Quantum Consensus Solutions for Enhanced Security and Resilience" in IEEE Access. The paper explores the intersection of digital ecosystems and blockchain technology, providing a systematic analysis of post-quantum security measures to strengthen blockchain systems against emerging quantum computing threats.
The paper presents a comprehensive overview of the Post-Quantum Blockchain Consensus, analyzes key studies, evaluates methods and enhancements, and outlines future research directions.
This study contributes to advancing blockchain security and privacy, promising a resilient future for digital ecosystems.

Wir begrüßen Santiago Ruiz herzlich als neuen Universitätsassistenten prae doc

Santiago Ruiz

Santiago studierte an der Universidad Nacional de Colombia Economics. Er beendete sein Masterstudium in Statistics and Data Science for Social Sciences  2022 an der Toulouse School of Economics, Frankreich.
Wir freuen uns, dass Santiago unser Team verstärkt!

Verena Dorner und Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling erhalten Innovative Lehre Preis 2023

Verena Dorner und Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling

Verena Dorner (Institute for Digital Ecosystems) und Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling (Department für Volkswirtschaft) werden für ihre gemeinsame LV „Research Lab A Experiments on Digital Behavior” mit dem Innovativen Lehre Preis 2023 ausgezeichnet.
Die LV ist Teil des Masters Digital Economy. In diesem Jahr stand der Lehrpreis unter dem Schwerpunkt „Gemeinsam Lehren: Innovative Kooperationen und Partnerschaften“. Verena Dorner und Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling, stets im Team, erarbeiten gemeinsam mit den Studierenden eine transdisziplinäre Sicht auf die zu beforschenden Phänomene von „Digital Behavior“. Durch gemeinsame Coaching-Sessions sowie die Einbindung externer Expert*innen wird ein Mehrwert für alle geschaffen. Das prämierte Konzept ermöglicht somit neue Perspektiven für Lehrende und Studierende.
Wir gratulieren! Am LV-Konzept interessiert? Alle Details hier

Jorao Gomes Jr. attended the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI) Summer School

I had the opportunity of attending the ASAI Summer School in Artificial Intelligence (AI), hosted by CAIML at TU Wien. The interdisciplinary program offered insightful introductory courses, engaging panel discussions, and inclusive events that explored subjects such as Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Knowledge graphs, AI's societal impact, and others.
This experience expanded my understanding of AI and its implications in different realms while fostering valuable connections with professionals in the field. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and collaborate with specialists in this field.

OeNB Open Forum Digitaler Euro

Verena Dorner

Verena Dorner nahm an einer Panel-Session zum Thema „Der digitale Euro und seine Auswirkungen auf das Ökosystem“ im Open Forum Finanz der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank teil.
Gemeinsam mit Univ. Prof. Alfred Taudes (WU), Alexander Neumayer (JÖ) und Markus Schwaiger (OeNB) und moderiert durch Wolfgang Haunold (OeNB) wurde diskutiert, wie verschiedene Akteure im Ökosystem – insbesondere Handel und Konsument*innen –  auf verschiedene Gestaltungsentscheidungen zum digitalen Euro reagieren. Das Open Forum versammelte viele informative und anregende Vorträge, Diskussionen und Panels.
Herzlichen Dank für die Gelegenheit, Teil des Forums zu sein! Die Nachlese des Tages finden Sie hier

Visiting scholar Shannon Yuen

Shannon Yuen

Welcome, Shannon! Shannon Yuen is visiting the Institute for Digital Ecosystems from University Leiden. Shannon is a PhD student in the Developmental and Educational Psychology unit of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University. Her research focuses on social emotional development in children with hearing loss. 

Verena Dorner – neues Mitglied im WU Ethikbeirat

foto verena dorner

Seit Mai 2023 ist Verena Dorner neues Mitglied im WU Ethikbeirat. Die Mitglieder des Ethikbeirates überprüfen die ethische Vertretbarkeit von Forschungsprojekten, die die Erhebung oder Verwendung von Daten von/über Menschen beinhalten.
Wir gratulieren herzlich!

Jorão Gomes Jr. publishes two papers in top Information Systems journals

Photo of Jorao Gomes Jr.

Jorão Gomes Jr. has published two papers in top journals from our department's list:
A Hereditary Attentive Template-based Approach for Complex Knowledge Base Question Answering Systems. Expert Systems with Application
A study of approaches to answering complex questions over knowledge bases. Knowledge and Information Systems
These research papers will be presented at the WU Awards 2023

Verena Dorner and Kenneth Qua attend the KD2School retreat

Verena Dorner, Mercator Fellow of the DFG-funded graduate school KD2School, delivered the keynote address "From inspiration to experimentation and beyond" at the annual KD2School retreat in October. The retreat featured various presentations and a poster exhibition from junior researchers across several universities and disciplines centring around adaptive systems that support decision-making. It was also a great opportunity to network with researchers with different specialisations giving a much broader perspective on the field of information systems.

DECO at NeuroIS Retreat 2023

Our 2022 visiting researcher Anke Greif-Winzrieth presented the paper “Seeing is Feeling: Emotional Cues in Others' Heart Rate Visualizations”, co-authored with Verena Dorner, Fabian Wuest, Paul M. Gorny, and Christof Weinhardt (all Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT), now available in the preprint of the conference proceedings here on page 235. Congrats on a great presentation! Verena Dorner chaired a session with more inspiring presentations, from modelling consumer decision making (p. 215) to replicating impaired vision for more inclusive usability testing (p. 224) and investigating the role of intuition in medical decision-making (p.245).
Thanks to René Riedl, Fred Davis and the team for a great conference. We’re already looking forward to the next Retreat!

Jorão Gomes and Kenneth Qua attend the 31st European Conference on Information Systems 2023 in Kristiansand, Norway

Our attendance at the 31st European Conference for Information Systems (ECIS) 2023 in Kristiansand, Norway was a remarkable experience. The conference theme, "Co-creating Sustainable Digital Futures," emphasized the need for collaboration and innovation in addressing societal challenges and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We participated in diverse tracks covering data science, social media, digital public goods, AI, and data management.
The conference inspired us with insightful discussions on the environmental impact of digital technologies and the potential they hold in supporting social goods. Engaging with both researchers and practitioners, we left the conference motivated to contribute to the field, seeking to bridge the gap between research and practice for sustainable digital futures.

Kenneth Qua presents at 2023 Pre-ECIS Workshop on e-Government

During my attendance at the workshop on responsible digitalization within the public sector at ECIS 2023, I presented my work-in-progress titled "Closing the Co-Production Gap: Encouraging Citizen Reporting of Public Infrastructure Issues." The workshop highlighted the importance of technology in the public sector and its potential impact on society. I also had the opportunity to learn from other intriguing presentations, including discussions on digital societal responsibility, open data as an anti-corruption tool in Brazil, hackathons for public sector innovation, and smart city governance in China. The workshop provided a valuable platform for exchanging ideas and deepening my understanding of responsible digitalization, inspiring me to explore the intersection of technology, governance, and citizen engagement further.

Taking part in the World Bank GovTech Forum in Washington, D.C.

On May 3-4 2023, the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice organised the first GovTech Forum in Washington, D.C., at the World Bank headquarters. The event hosted lots of inspiring discussions with innovators from the private, public and academic sectors from all around the world. Two of the many highlights were the World Café on Bhutan’s modular approach to building IFMIS (presented by Savinay Grover, Senior Financial Management Specialist, World Bank) and the deep dive session “Building a Data-driven Public Sector” with panellists

- Charlotte van Ooijen, Associate Director Digital Government, Lisbon Council
- Esther Agelan, Supreme Court Judge, Supreme Court of Justice, Dominican Republic
- Catherine Nikolovski, Executive Director, CivicTech Software Foundation
- Yongsuk Lee, Director General of Public Data Policy, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea
- Chiara Bronchi, Practice Manager, World Bank
and moderated by Nuole (Lula) Chen, Research Scientist, MIT GOV/LAB

Verena Dorner had the honour of speaking on the panel at the deep dive session “Whole-of-Government Approaches for Coherent and Sustainable GovTech Policies” with fellow panellists

- Adrian Fozzard, Practice Manager, World Bank (Opening remarks)
- Olga Tumuruc, Director of e-Governance Agency, Moldova
- Rachel Tsang, Deputy Director, Digital Identity, Government Digital Service
- João Dias, President of the Board, Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), Portugal
- Karime Ruibal, Citizens Services Director, Electronic Government and Information and Knowledge Society Agency (AGESIC), Uruguay
and moderated by João Ricardo Vasconcelos, Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank

We are very happy to have been part of the event and look forward to continue the discussions and research ideas that the Forum inspired!
Interested to learn more? See a video of some of the Forum discussions here

Workshop „Strategies for the future in research and teaching“ (VHB-WK Strategic Management)

The scientific commission for Strategic Management of the German Academic Association of Business Research (VHB) organised the workshop „Strategies for the future in research and teaching“ at EBS Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany (
The opening plenary panel, moderated by Prof. Miriam Flickinger (FU Berlin), sparked lively discussions on the role of AI in teaching and research with panellist Verena Dorner, the future of universities with Dr. Thomas Funke (CEO Tomorrow University) and about the relevance of strategic management research for practice with Marcel Kling (Head of Digital Sales for Lufthansa Cargo).
The beautiful surroundings of the Rheingau valleys and an evening event at famous Kloster Eberbach were a wonderful environment for exchanging experiences and insights on how AI is shaping education and work, and where we as university educators and researchers see benefits and challenges ahead.

Successful doctoral defense at KIT for Dr. Hakan Pusmaz

Congratulations to now Dr. Hakan Pusmaz for successfully defending his doctoral thesis at KIT, Germany! Verena Dorner co-supervised his thesis “Engineering adaptive interfaces” with Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt (KIT) and is proud to have accompanied him all the way to achieving his doctoral degree!
Well done and all the best in your future career as data scientist at dmTECH!

Digital Economy Workshop Lausanne, 2023

At the first Digital Economy Workshop, we enjoyed many inspiring presentations and lively discussions. Verena Dorner had the pleasure to serve as discussant for the working paper “Complementor Reactions to Platform Control – Evidence from the YouTube “Adpocalypse”” (Lena Abou El-Komboz, Anna Kerkhof and Johannes Loh). A big thank you to Christian Peukert (HEC Lausanne) for organizing the workshop – already looking forward to the next one! In the meantime, check out the regular online talk series of the Digital Economy Network at

The PhD Network’s 2nd Praedoc Introductory Research Symposium was a hit!

The Institute for Digital Ecosystems (Department of Information Systems and Operations Management) hosted the 2nd iteration with the continued support of the ISOM Department. We also got the opportunity to introduce our visiting researcher Maike Althaus (University of Paderborn, Germany) to the other institutes and departments of WU.
As the weather gets warmer, we are excited for more PhD Network events to come!

Verena Dorner nominated as Associate Editor for Decision Support Systems

dss journal cover

We are delighted to announce that Verena Dorner has joined the Journal Decision Support Systems as Associate Editor.

Verena Dorner panelist for discussion on Mobile Government

Verena Dorner

I was very honored to be asked to contribute to the panel discussion on “From e-Government to m-Government” on 13 March 2023 at the launch event for the World Bank “How-to-Note: Establishing Sustainable Mobile Government”. Thank you, Gerhard Embacher-Köhle (BRZ, Note co-author), for the invitation! Together with Florian Tursky (BMF), Arturo Herrera Gutierrez (WB Global Governance Director), and Khuram Farooq (mGov Note co-author), moderated by Roby Senderowitsch (WB), we had an lively discussion on how the digital transformation will change the accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness of public services.

Interested? Watch the video!

Visiting scholar Maike Althaus

Portrait von Maike Althaus

Welcome, Maike! Maike Althaus is visiting the Institute for Digital Ecosystems from Paderborn University. Maike is research assistant at the Chair of Business Information Systems, esp. Digital Markets. Her research focuses on Digital platforms and ecosystems.

Invited talk at the CBS workshop for Digital Ecosystems

Foto Verena Dorner

Verena Dorner was invited to present her research at the CBS workshop on Digital Ecosystems, organized by Prof. Attila Márton. On Jan 19, 2023, she presented her research on individual decision-making and strategic interactions in the domain of (digital) cities, and gave an outlook on future research into cities as (digital) ecosystems. A lively discussion on understanding and designing cities around the needs of its citizens, and how digital ecosystems models and frameworks can help in creating more liveable and lovable cities, followed. Thanks to Prof. Márton for the invitation, and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, it was a great and thought-provoking experience!

Closing event for Industry & Research Labs

Video Video of the closing event for Industry & Research Labs

Video of the closing event for…

The Digital Economy master students of the 2021 cohort presented the results of their semester-long projects in our Lab Closing Event. Lab partners ÖBB and WKÖ, alumni, lecturers and students from the next cohort enjoyed entertaining elevator pitches. The 2021 students did a great job, congratulations! More in-depth discussions and networking followed at the poster session.

Kenneth Qua attends the International Conference on Information Systems 2022

Kenneth Qua in front of the ICIS poster

In December, I attended the International Conference on Information Systems 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference theme was “Digitization for the Next Generation”. This was the 2nd in-person conference which I attended as a PhD student and I was thrilled to reconnect with the Information Systems community again in person. With over 1600 attendees from 53 countries, it was a truly international conference. I particularly enjoyed the topics presented on live-streaming, user behaviour on online communities and digital marketing.

Verena Dorner – neue Akademische Leiterin des MBA in Digital Transformation & Data Science

Portrait Verena Dorner

Seit 1. Dezember 2022 ist Verena Dorner Akademische Leiterin des MBA Programms „Digital Transformation & Data Science“ an der WU Executive Academy. Mit ihrer Expertise in den Bereichen Data Science, Digital Nudging und Human-Computer Interaction ist sie eine Bereicherung für das Programm.
Wir gratulieren herzlich!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

praedoc students at the christmas market

As part of the newly founded PhD Network, Kenneth Qua of the Institute for Digital Ecosystems organized the very first Praedoc Christmas Market Crawl. The event brought together new and current praedocs across various institutes and departments at WU for some Glühwein and festive merrymaking!
If you are a new praedoc at WU, feel free to contact Kenneth Qua to get connected with the PhD Network.

BRZ DigiConnect Innovation Event

mehrere Personen diskutieren vor einer Pinwand

BRZ organised a wonderful networking and innovation event at the interdisciplinary research space “Café exchange” (Kassenhalle der alten Postsparkasse), and the Institute for Digital Ecosystems was invited.

Great discussions and new insights, we are looking forward to future events and collaborations!

No work without teamwork 2.0!

Gruppenfoto mit den Teammitgliedern im Museum

Im November ging es für die Kolleg*innen des Instituts für Digital Ecosystems ins Museum der Illusionen. Mit Spaß, guter Laune und Smartphones wurden die optischen Täuschungen erprobt.

Guest talk on Personal Data Brokers by Prof. Dr. Daniel Schnurr on November 23

Portrait Daniel Schnurr

We are happy to welcome Daniel Schnurr, Professor for Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification at the University of Regensburg, Germany, and research fellow at the think thank Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE). His guest talk on “Do Consumers Benefit from Selling their Data? The Economic Effects of Personal Data Brokers in Digital Markets” will take place on Wednesday, 23 November 2022, 4 pm at TC.0.04
You are very welcome to join us for the talk!

Verena Dorner - neue Programmdirektorin für das Masterprogramm Digital Economy

Portrait von Verena Dorner

Ab 1. Oktober 2022 wechselt Verena Dorner von der Stellvertretung zur Programmdirektorin des neuen Masterstudiums „Digital Economy“.

In 2023 wird der erste Masterjahrgang graduieren und der dritte Jahrgang sein Studium aufnehmen. Wir wünschen allen unseren Studierenden weiterhin viel Erfolg! Bewerben Sie sich hier für das Programm

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