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IACCM 2015 Conference

Titel Information
IACCM 2015 Conference Ort: Campus WU
Link: https://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/201510001-iaccm
Datum: 01.10.2015

The 14th IACCM Annual Conference and 7th CEMS/IACCM Doctoral Workshop was
held from October 1-3 ,2015 at the WU Wien. More than 100 scientists and
practitioners from all over the world attended this conference with the
title "Contemporary Approaches in Training & Education for Cross-Cultural
Competence – potentials, challenges and its limits". Leading local
organiser: SIETAR Austria www.sietar.at and the Interdisciplinary Institute
for Management and Organisational Behaviour/WU Wien