Dr. Ali Gümüsay

Ali Gümüsay

Biogra­phical Sketch


  • Current posi­tion: Post­doc­toral Rese­ar­cher at Univer­sity of Hamburg and Rese­arch Fellow, Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics & Busi­ness

  • 2017-2018: DAAD Prime Fellow at Insti­tute for Orga­niza­tion Studies, Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics & Busi­ness


  • 2014 – 2016: Lecturer in Manage­ment, Magdalen College, Univer­sity of Oxford

  • DPhil in 2017 from Saïd Busi­ness School, Univer­sity of Oxford

Rese­arch Inte­rests

At the heart of Ali Gümüsay's rese­arch are concerns around how hybrid and new forms of orga­ni­zing engage with multiple values, logics, purpose, and meaning, in parti­cular in the face of insti­tu­tional plura­lism and grand societal chal­lenges. While orga­niza­t­ions encounter compe­ting pres­sures, they seek to main­tain unity in diver­sity. To examine this further, his work is guided by two broader rese­arch streams.

First, he focuses on how multiple values, logics, purpose, and meaning shape hybrid orga­niza­t­ions and how they become more resi­lient to better cope with complex, compe­ting, contra­dic­tory, conflic­tual and even para­do­xical demands. In this rese­arch stream, he has published arti­cles on academic entre­pre­neurship in Rese­arch Policy, entre­pre­neurship and Islam in Journal of Busi­ness Ethics, insti­tu­tional logics and reli­gion in Busi­ness & Society as well as entre­pre­neu­rial oppor­tu­nities and values in Inno­va­tion: Orga­niza­tion & Manage­ment. Further working papers look at orga­niza­t­ional hybri­dity and paradox plus orga­niza­t­ional hybri­dity and insti­tu­tional comple­xity.

Second, he studies how novelty in forms of orga­ni­zing faci­li­tates enga­ge­ment with grand chal­lenges and how to lead and orga­nize for soci(et)al change, parti­cu­larly in urban settings. Grand chal­lenges repre­sent funda­mental, global societal chal­lenges of ecolo­gical and social nature that require coor­di­nated and collec­tive efforts. In his empi­rical cases, he focuses on digital, flexible, fluid, cros­s-boun­dary, multi-ju­ris­dic­tional, and temporary forms of orga­ni­zing such as co-crea­tion spaces, social move­ments, social incu­ba­tors, and sustainable commu­nity hubs that tackle chal­lenges like climate change, decent work and sustainable growth, gender equa­lity, popu­lism and racism, societal cohe­sion, respon­sible consump­tion and produc­tion, and urban deve­lop­ment, sustainable cities and commu­nities.

In addi­tion, he reflects on how societal comple­xity feeds back metho­do­lo­gi­cally and concep­tually in his rese­arch endea­vors, in parti­cular rese­arch team constel­la­tions, ethno­gra­phic prac­tices, and multi­modal metho­do­lo­gies.

Keywords: Orga­niza­tion Theory, Entre­pre­neurship, Busi­ness Ethics, Leadership.

Rese­arch and Publi­ca­tions

A compre­hen­sive list of his publi­ca­tions is avail­able at guemu­esay.com.