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WU Vi­enna Of­fers Courses for Refugees

WU Vi­enna par­ti­cip­ates in "Uni­versit­ies Aus­tria's" MORE-ini­ti­at­ive, a pro­gram to help refugees gain ac­cess to higher edu­ca­tion. WU of­fers spe­cial Ger­man lan­guage courses for refugees as part of the MORE pro­gram. In ad­di­tion, MORE par­ti­cip­ats at­tend courses from a reg­u­lar aca­demic pro­gram. The MORE pro­gram is designed to pre­pare par­ti­cipants to pur­sue a full-­time de­gree pro­gram at WU later­-on.

Ap­plic­a­tion and Ad­mis­sion to the MORE Pro­gram

The ap­plic­a­tion period for the 2017 sum­mer semester is already over.

The ap­plic­a­tion period for the win­ter semester 2017/18 will start on July 3 and end on Septem­ber 5, 2017.

If you are in­ter­ested in join­ing the MORE-­pro­gram, please send us an email provid­ing the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion/doc­u­ments:   

  • Full name: given name, middle name (if ap­plic­able), sur­name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender: male or fe­male

  • Con­tact in­form­a­tion: phone num­ber, email

  • Cur­rent ad­dress in Vi­enna/Aus­tria

  • Proof of aca­demic back­ground (schoole leav­ing cer­ti­fic­ate and/or proof of ad­mis­sion, grade re­cord from the home uni­versity) – scanned doc­u­ments   

  • A list of WU courses that you are in­ter­ested in

Please send your email to the fol­low­ing email ad­dress: more@wu.ac.at

Please no­tify us if you already have a stu­dent ID card from an­other Aus­trian uni­versity!

Only com­plete ap­plic­a­tions con­tain­ing all re­quired in­form­a­tion and doc­u­ments will be con­sidered!

Places in the pro­gram are lim­ited. Pref­er­ence is given to ap­plic­ants ...

  • ... who have already stud­ied busi­ness and/or eco­nom­ics at a re­cog­nized uni­versity in their coun­try of ori­gin, and

  • ... who plan to com­plete a reg­u­lar full-­time de­gree pro­gram at WU.

We will no­tify you as soon as possible if your ap­plic­a­tion can be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion. If so, you will be in­vited for ad­mis­sion.

MORE ap­plic­a­tion & ad­mis­sion - in­form­a­tion sheet

Courses Offered in the 2017 Sum­mer Semester

1.) Courses (in Ger­man) from our reg­u­lar bach­elor's de­gree pro­grams "Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics and So­cial Sciences" and "Busi­ness Law":

  • Courses of the "In­tro­duct­ory and Ori­ent­a­tion Phase" (STEOP)

  • Courses of the "Com­mon Body of Know­ledge" (CBK)

For in­form­a­tion on STEOP and CBK courses in "Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics and So­cial Sciences" please refer to the cur­riculum of this pro­gram and the on­line course cata­log.

For in­form­a­tion on STEOP and CBK courses in "Busi­ness Law" please refer to the cur­riculum of this pro­gram and the on­line course cata­log.

2.) En­rich­ment Courses, i.e. courses of the Zus­atzange­bot

For more in­form­a­tion on these ex­tra-­cur­ricular courses, please refer to the on­line course cata­log.

Ger­man Lan­guage Courses at WU

Ger­man lan­guage courses for WU MORE stu­dents in the 2017 sum­mer semester are offered at levels B1 and B2 (inde­pend­ent user) only. For a de­scrip­tion of course levels ac­cord­ing to the Com­mon European Frame­work of Refer­ence for Lan­guages, please click here. Please note that we do not of­fer any courses for be­gin­ners in the sum­mer semester!

In­form­a­tion on Ger­man courses

Please note: If you would like to at­tend a Ger­man lan­guage course at WU, you have to join the MORE pro­gram and take reg­u­lar uni­versity courses as well (see list above).

Re­gis­tra­tion for Ger­man Ad­mis­sion Test