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FAQs outgoing students summer semester 22

Please note that this page is being continuously updated as the situation develops. For the most up-​to-date information, please refresh the page regularly by pressing Ctrl+F5 (on Windows) or deleting your cache before refreshing (on Mac).
Last update: April 23, 2021, 9:59am

What if I choose to withdraw from the exchange program during summer semester 2022 due to current uncertainties?

If you feel unsafe due to the COVID-situation in your host country or your exchange got canceled, you can withdraw from the exchange program anytime without any consequences. In case you still like to pursue an exchange semester in summer semester 2022 or in the academic year 2022/23 (winter semester or summer semester), you will have the option to apply again for an exchange program in Europe or overseas during summer semester 2021 (for summer semester 2022), the upcoming winter semester 2021 (for winter semester 2022) or summer semester 2022 (for summer semester 2023).

  • Note: You can only reapply for an exchange after you have officially withdrawn from the exchange place you were nominated for. Please get in touch with your WU coordinator and let him or her know about your decision!

What do I need to be aware of if I choose to reapply for an exchange stay?

If you reapply for an exchange semester after yours was cancelled by the host university or after you have withdrawn you should keep the following in mind:

  • A later exchange semester might prolong the duration of your studies.

  • You may not be able to fulfil the requirements for financial aid, since the number of ECTS credits you will be able to transfer might be lower at the end of your studies.

  • You have to be enrolled at WU for the duration of the entire exchange semester and can only complete your studies after your return.

Why can I not postpone my exchange semester to a later semester or switch to another partner university?

WU’s partner university network builds on bilateral exchange agreements, where we send out a specific number of students, and, in return, host the same number of students here at WU within a given period of time. Under the rapidly evolving uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this system can currently no longer be maintained, despite all the efforts made by WU and its partner universities.

This means, if your host university cancels your exchange program during summer semester 2022, or if you decide to withdraw from your exchange semester, we will not be able to postpone your exchange period to winter semester 2022/23 or beyond or offer an alternative spot at another partner university of ours, no matter in which region. Due to the reasons mentioned, it is unfortunately not possible to manage such a process in a transparent, fair, and effective manner for currently selected students, as well as for those who will be applying in future semesters. We call on your understanding that we cannot offer solutions which might have a negative long-term impact on our exchange programs and therefore be at the expense of future exchange students.