What drives exploration? Convergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Administration AD.0.090 Sitzungssaal 610:00 - 11:30

Art Seminar/Workshop
Vortragende/rProf. Dovev Lavie, Bocconi University
Veranstalter Institut für Organization Design
Kontakt iod@wu.ac.at

The insti­tute for Orga­niza­tion Design (Prof. Klarner) would like to invite you to the rese­arch seminar with Prof. Lavie from Bocconi Univer­sity.Please note that the event is open for 30 parti­ci­pants. First come, first serve.To register for this event please send us an email: iod@wu.ac.at

Stra­tegy rese­arch has alluded to orga­niza­t­ional incen­tives and envi­ron­mental condi­tions that drive firms’ tenden­cies to explore versus exploit. We comple­ment this rese­arch by demons­tra­ting how conver­gence with the domi­nant corpo­rate beha­viors of the firm’s alli­ance part­ners and compe­ti­tors drives these tenden­cies. Using panel data on 182 U.S.-based publicly traded elec­tro­nics firms, we reveal an inverted U-shaped asso­cia­tion between the firm’s explo­ra­tion and the explo­ra­tion tenden­cies of its part­ners and compe­ti­tors. We also show how the conver­gence with their explo­ra­tion tenden­cies becomes stronger under uncer­tainty but weaker when the explo­ra­tion pattern exhi­bited by the firm’s part­ners and compe­ti­tors is inco­he­rent. Finally, counter to expec­ta­tions, we show that conver­gence is weak­ened by the tech­no­lo­gical proxi­mity of the firm’s compe­ti­tors. Our findings inform rese­arch on the ante­ce­dents of explo­ra­tion and under­s­core the role of inter­de­pen­dence in firms’ explo­ra­tion tenden­cies.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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