What drives exploration? Convergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Administration AD.0.090 Sitzungssaal 610:00 - 11:30

Art Seminar/Workshop
Vortragende/rProf. Dovev Lavie, Bocconi University
Veranstalter Institut für Organization Design
Kontakt iod@wu.ac.at

The institute for Organization Design (Prof. Klarner) would like to invite you to the research seminar with Prof. Lavie from Bocconi University.Please note that the event is open for 30 participants. First come, first serve.To register for this event please send us an email: iod@wu.ac.at

Strategy research has alluded to organizational incentives and environmental conditions that drive firms’ tendencies to explore versus exploit. We complement this research by demonstrating how convergence with the dominant corporate behaviors of the firm’s alliance partners and competitors drives these tendencies. Using panel data on 182 U.S.-based publicly traded electronics firms, we reveal an inverted U-shaped association between the firm’s exploration and the exploration tendencies of its partners and competitors. We also show how the convergence with their exploration tendencies becomes stronger under uncertainty but weaker when the exploration pattern exhibited by the firm’s partners and competitors is incoherent. Finally, counter to expectations, we show that convergence is weakened by the technological proximity of the firm’s competitors. Our findings inform research on the antecedents of exploration and underscore the role of interdependence in firms’ exploration tendencies.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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