The Resilience of Unsustainability. Cultural Backlash, Authoritarian Reflex and the Great Regression

Sonstige Sigmund-Freund-Universität, Festsaal19:00 - 21:00

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Vortragende/rUniv.-Prof. Dr. Ingolfur Blühdorn
Veranstalter Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Institute for Social Change and Sustainability (IGN), WU Wien
Kontakt ign@wu.ac.at

Contem­porary consumer socie­ties are witnessing a signi­fi­cant trans­for­ma­tion of their poli­tical culture. The silent revo­lu­tion since the 1970s, that is, the steady rise of eco-­de­mo­cratic value prefe­rences, had seemed to build capa­ci­ties for the kind of soci­o-e­co­lo­gical trans­for­ma­tion which is now more urgent than ever before. For in light of modern socie­ties’ multiple sustaina­bi­lity crisis, many obser­vers say, the conti­nua­tion of the status quo is simply not an option. Yet, today’s popu­list revo­lu­tion – the Austrian example being a good case in point – is a head-on attack on the old eco-­de­mo­cratic agenda and a deter­mined rein­force­ment of the esta­blished poli­tics of unsustaina­bi­lity. How may we explain the curious resi­li­ence of this order of unsustaina­bi­lity? How does the popu­list revo­lu­tion change the pros­pects for the demanded soci­o-e­co­lo­gical trans­for­ma­tion?

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