Ambiguous Transformation: Governance, Democracy and Sweden’s Transition toward the first fossil-free Welfare State in the World

Sonstige Sigmund-Freud-Universität Festsaal19:00 - 21:00

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Vortragende/rProf. Karin Bäckstrand, University of Stockholm
Veranstalter Institut für Gesellschaftswandel und Nachhaltigkeit in Kooperation mit dem Kompetenzzentrum für Nachhaltigkeit
Kontakt ign@wu.ac.at

Can global envi­ron­mental threats such as climate change be best handled within the insti­tu­tions of demo­cracy? Alter­na­tively, are demo­cratic poli­ties too slow and cumber­some to handle acce­le­ra­ting global risks? Do mecha­nisms to increase repre­sen­ta­tion and parti­ci­pa­tion of civil society and NGOs in inter­na­tional policy processes lead to a demo­cra­tiza­tion of global envi­ron­mental poli­tics? This paper reviews the tensions and syner­gies between demo­cracy and envi­ron­men­ta­lism in the light of Sweden’s self-pro­claimed ambi­tion to become the first fossil-free welfare state in the world.

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