Current Developments in European and International Tax Law

Economic deve­lop­ments in Europe have enabled compa­nies to breathe a small sigh of relief after the turbu­lence encoun­tered in recent years. Growing reve­nues and posi­tive busi­ness trends have gene­rated a sense of opti­mism both in and beyond Europe. But whether this sense of momentum can be main­tained is hard even for experts to predict.

This is why being up to speed on latest deve­lop­ments affec­ting the tax sector - whether in theory or also in (busi­ness) prac­tice - are often of decisive import­ance. This series of semi­nars entitled Current Deve­lop­ments in Euro­pean and Inter­na­tional Tax Law is hosted by the WU toge­ther with PwC, its purpose being to provide you with expert insights while also giving you the oppor­tu­nity to exch­ange views on an informal level.

This coming academic year we are once again delighted to be able to welcome a number of inter­na­tio­nally renowned spea­kers from many coun­tries.
Leading rese­ar­chers as well as experts from the inter­na­tional PwC network will be using this forum as an oppor­tu­nity to discuss current tax issues. The precise content of the talks and the issues to be dealt with will be decided upon nearer the time of the event itself. This will enable us to focus on the latest rele­vant issues.
Subject to your regis­tra­tion, you will of course receive details on the topics to be discussed before each indi­vi­dual seminar is held. Parti­ci­pa­tion is free of charge.

We cordi­ally invite you to meet top inter­na­tional tax experts at these
exciting lectures.

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