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  • Carpet-bombing Tax Avoidance in Europe: Examining the Validity of the ATAD under EU Law (with Sriram Govind), Intertax 2019, forthcoming.

  • Deposit Insurance in the EU: Repetitive Failures and Lessons from Across the Atlantic, Common Market Law Review 2017, 1749.

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  • M. Caziero, I. Lazarov, The substantive scope of the Anti-Tax- Avoidance Directive: The remaining leeway for national tax sovereignty, (2021), 58, Common Market Law Review, Issue 6, pp. 1789-1818.

  • Bulgaria: Interest, Beneficial Ownership, and Anti-Abuse [Decision No 8401/2018 of the Supreme Administrative Court], in Lang/Rust/Owens/Pistone/ Schuch/Staringer/Storck/Essers/Smit/Kemmeren (eds), Tax Treaty Case Law Around the Globe 2019, forthcoming.