Publikationen und Vorträge

Dr. Rita Szudoczky

I. Monographien / Authored books 

  1. The Sources of EU Law and their Relationships: Lessons for the Field of Taxation, Doctoral series, IBFD, 2014.

  2. Takeover Regulation and Protection of Minority Shareholders, A Comparison between the European and US approach, Lambert, 2009

II. Herausgeberschaften / Editorships

  1. ECJ Direct Tax Compass (ed. with F. Vanistendael, R. Resch, J. Petkevica), IBFD 2008

III. Kapitel in Fachliteratur / Chapters in Books

  1. Limitation on Benefits Clauses: Limiting the Entitlement to Treaty Benefits (with L. Ramharter), in Lang/Rust/Schuch/Staringer (eds), Tax Treaty Entitlement, forthcoming

  2. Transfer Pricing and EU State Aid (with A. Miladinovic), in Lang/Cottani/Petruzzi/Storck (eds.), Fundamentals of Transfer Pricing: A Practical Guide, Wolters Kluwer, 2019, 505-542.

  3. Constitutional Foundations: EU Tax Competences; Treaty Basis for Tax Integration; Sources and Enactment of EU Tax Law (with D. Weber), in Wattel/Marres/Vermeulen (eds), Terra/Wattel European Tax Law, Seventh Edition, General Topics and Direct Taxation, Wolters Kluwer, 2019, p. 11-38.

  4. Constitutional Foundations: EU Tax Competences; Treaty Basis for Tax Integration; Sources and Enactment of EU Tax Law (with D. Weber), in Wattel/Marres/Vermeulen (eds), Terra/Wattel European Tax Law (Seventh Abridged Student edition), Wolters Kluwer, 2019, p. 9-22.

  5. Coordination of Tax Laws and Tax Policies in the EU (with P. Pistone), in Lang/Schuch/Staringer/Pistone (eds), Introduction to European Tax Law on Direct Taxation (5th Edition), Linde, 2018, 35-60.

  6. Exit Tax, in Weber/van der Streek (eds), The EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, Critical Analysis, 2018, p. 111

  7. Double taxation relief, transfer pricing adjustments and State aid law: Comment, in I. Richelle/W. Schön/ E. Traversa (eds), State Aid Law and Business Taxation, Springer 2016.

  8. The Coordination of Tax Policies in the EU (with P. Pistone), in M. Lang et al (eds), Introduction to European Tax Law on Direct Taxation, Linde 2016.

  9. Limitation on Benefits: „Qualified Persons“ – Article X(1) and (2) of the OECD Model (with P. Koch), in M. Lang/P. Pistone/A. Rust/J. Schuch/ C. Staringer (eds), Base erosion and profit shifting: the proposals to revise the OECD Model Convention, Linde 2016.

  10. Hungary: Berlington Hungary (C-98/14), in M. Lang et al (eds), ECJ – Recent Developments in Direct Taxation 2015, Linde 2016.

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  12. Selectivity, derogation, comparison – How to put together the pieces of the puzzle in the State aid review of national tax measures?, in: EU Income Tax Law: Issues For The Years Ahead (D. Weber ed., IBFD 2013), Chapter 8, pp. 163 - 196

  13. Is the CCCTB Proposal in line with the Principle of Subsidiarity?: Negative Opinions Submitted by National Parliaments in the ‘Yellow Card Procedure’”, in: CCCTB: Selected Issues, EUCOTAX Series (D. Weber ed., Kluwer Law International 2012), Chapter 7, pp. 93 - 126

  14. The influence of primary law on the interpretation of secondary law in the field of EU citizenship and direct taxation: "whatever works"...", in: Traditional and alternative routes to European tax integration (D. Weber ed., IBFD 2010), Chapter 10, pp. 191 - 227


IV. Von Fachleuten überprüfte Artikel / Peer reviewed articles

  1. Designing cooperative compliance programs: Lesson from the EU State aid rules for tax administrations (with Alicija Majdanska), BTR 2017

  2. Convergence of the Analysis of National Tax Measures under the EU State Aid Rules and the Fundamental Freedoms, European State Aid Law Quarterly, Vol. 15 (2016), Issue 3.

  3. 3 M Italia: Tax Amnesty Aimed at Concluding Tax Litigation Prolonged for an Unreasonable Time Does Not Constitute State Aid, 12 EStAL 1 (2013), pp. 159 - 169

  4. Revisiting the Dutch interest box under the EU State aid rules and the Code of Conduct: when a 'disparity' is selective and harmful (with J.L.Van de Streek), 38 INTERTAX 5 (2010), pp. 260 - 280


V. Artikel / Articles 

  1. What has changed in the Limitation on Benefits clause of the 2016 US Model? – Technical modifications, policy considerations and comparisons with BEPS Action 6 (with Rita Julien, Petra Koch), Intertax, Vol. 45 (2017), Issue 1.

  2. How Does the European Court of Justice Treat Precedents in Its Case Law? Cartesio and Damseaux from a Different Perspective: Part I, 37 INTERTAX 6/7 (2009), pp. 346 - 362

  3. The compatibility of the Hungarian tax system with EC Law (with Levente Torma), 47 European Taxation 12 (2007), pp. 577 - 585

  4. Report on the Vienna Conference on 'The EU and Third States: Direct Taxation, 47 European Taxation 2 (2007), pp. 93 - 98

  5. The 2006 Leiden alumni forum on taxation of cross-border dividends in Europe and the relation with third countries: the cases pending before the European Court of Justice (with Roger Cadosch, Renata Fontana, Raffaele Russo), 34 INTERTAX 12 (2006), pp. 622 - 635


VI. Kommentierungen / Annotations

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VII. Vorträge / Presentations, lectures

  1. Doctorate Seminar 2019, WU, Vienna, 15-18 February 2019, presentations on Sources of EU law relevant for direct taxation (with M. Lang); Tax policy coordination in the European Union and the implementation of the BEPS project; Prohibition of State Aid: Its relevance for tax law, procedures and current developments

  2. Visiting lecture series, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France, 23-25 January 2019, presentations on EU Tax Law: Overview and Current Issues

  3. Conference on Recent and Pending Cases at the CJEU on Direct Taxation, WU, Vienna, 8-10 November 2018, presentation on Hungarian Cases: Vodafone Magyarország (C-75/18), Tesco-Global Áruházak (C-323/18)

  4. 25th Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law “Tax Treaty Entitlement”, WU, Vienna, 22 June 2019, presentation on Limitation on Benefits Clauses (with L. Ramharter)

  5. 13th GREIT Conference, Multilateralism and International Tax Law, Lisbon, Portugal, 18-19 June 2018, presentation on Obligations of MLI Signatories with Respect to their CTA (with D. Blum)

  6. 10th GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-22 June 2018, presentation on The EU’s Constitutional Foundations.

  7. 11th GREIT Conference, European Tax Coordination: Law, Policy and Politics, Ischia, Italy, 8-10 September 2016, presentation on The impact of the EU Anti-BEPS Package on the exercise of national tax sovereignty

  8. GREIT Lisbon Summer Course on Tax Competition in the post-BEPS era, IDEFF, Lisbon, Portugal, 20-24 June 2016, presentation on GAAR and Exit Taxation in the EU Anti-Avoidance Directive Proposal

  9. EUCOTAX Opening Conference, WU, Vienna, 14 April 2016, presentation on Rulings and State aid

  10. Cooperative Compliance: Breaking the Barriers, WU, Vienna, 14-15 April 2016, presentation on Cooperative compliance at the crossroad of different legal frameworks – Cooperative compliance in the light of the EU State aid rules

  11. ITC Leiden, Adv LLM Program in European Tax Law, Leiden, The Netherlands, 17 March 2016, lecture in Fiscal State aid course: State aid and fundamental freedoms

  12. UvA/IBFD LLM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20 January 2016, lecture on State aid and taxation: Influence of State aid on rulings, the transfer pricing rules (Apple, Starbucks, FIAT, Amazon-cases), mismatches; patent boxes

  13. Central European University (CEU), School of Public Policy, Budapest, Hungary, 11 December 2015, lecture on Aggressive tax planning and responses at international and EU level

  14. Conference on Recent and Pending Cases at the ECJ on Direct Taxation, WU, Vienna, 19-21 November 2015, presentation on Hungarian Cases: Berlington Hungary (C-98/14)

  15. State Aid Law and Business Taxation, Brussels, Belgium, 5-6 November 2015, presentation on Double Taxation Relief, Transfer Pricing Adjustments and State Aid Law

  16. Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario (ICDT), Bogota, Colombia, 16-17 October 2015, presentations on EU tax law: Basic principles; Overview of the OECD BEPS Recommendations

  17. EU Tax Law Conference, Kromann Reumert/ACTL, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 October 2015, presentation on Fiscal State aid: Selectivity and attribution of aid

  18. IFA 2015, 30 August – 3 September 2015, Panel member on Seminar F, IFA/EU: State aid review as a means to combat aggressive tax planning Xiamen University Tax Summer School, Special Issues on Tax Treaty Law,

  19. Xiamen, China, 20-25 July 2015, presentations on Introduction to tax treaty law; Methods to avoid double taxation; Abuse of Tax Treaties – Where are the limits?; Introduction to BEPS; Non-discrimination clause of tax treaties

  20. GREIT Lisbon Summer Course on Tax evasion, tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning, IDEFF, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-26 June 2015, presentation on Parent-Subsidiary Directive, Merger Directive, Interest & Royalties Directive in the light of BEPS (with Cécile Brokelind)

  21. Junior Tax Scholars Conference, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 18 June 2015, presentation on The sources of EU law and their relationships: Lessons for the field of taxation

  22. Atelier Droit Fiscal, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 17 June 2015, presentation on The interaction between the EU freedoms and the State aid rules: discrimination and selectivity in the light of recent cases

  23. Competition Law Forum (CLF) Conference, State Aid, Tax, and the Notion of Selective Advantage, Brussels, Belgium, 26 March 2015, presentation on The cases of Amazon, Fiat, Starbucks, and Apple, and the latest in the Belgian ‘excess profit’ case

  24. Doctorate Seminar 2015, WU, Vienna, 13-14 February 2015, presentations on Institutions and legal sources of EU law relevant for direct taxation (with M. Lang); Prohibition of State Aid: Special problems in tax matters

  25. Winter Course on European Tax Law, ACTL, UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 30 January 2015, lecture on the Parent-Subsidiary Directive

  26. Winter Course on International Tax Law, ACTL, UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 January 2015, lecture on Permanent establishments

  27. ACTL Conference, The influence of the EU State Aid provisions on Tax Rulings, Transfer Pricing (APA’s), Mismatches and the BEPS discussion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 9 January 2015

  28. Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario (ICDT), Bogota, Colombia, 28-29 November 2014, presentations on EU tax law: Basic principles; Non-discrimination clause under Article 24 OECD Model

  29. Conference on Recent and Pending Cases at the ECJ on Direct Taxation, WU, Vienna, 20-22 November 2014, presentation on Hungarian Cases: Hervis (C-385/12), Delphi Hungary (C-654/13), Berlington Hungary (C-98/14)

  30. “The relationship between EU primary and secondary law: the example of taxes”, GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, 4 - 7 June 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

  31. “R&D incentives in Hungary and in the Netherlands”, IBA European Regional Forum, 21 - 23 November 2012, Warsaw, Poland

  32. “The Dutch Interest Box and State aid? – Case study”, GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, 4 - 6 June 2012, Lisbon, Portugal

  33. “State aid – Gibraltar case”, EU Tax Law Group meeting, 12 April 2012, Amsterdam

  34. “State aid rules and Fundamental Freedoms”, PhD Seminar and Conference on “Fiscal State Aid and its Quantification and Recovery”, 24 November 2011, Leiden

  35. “Anti-abuse Clauses under the Direct Tax Directives”, GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, 19 - 23 June 2011, Lisbon, Portugal

  36. “The subsidiarity discussion”, ACTL Seminar on CCCTB, 10 - 11 June 2011, Amsterdam

  37. “The Direct Tax Directives”, GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, 21 - 25 June 2010, Lisbon, Portugal

  38. “The Hungarian intra-group interest regime: harmful tax competition, State aid or legitimate exercise of tax sovereignty?” IFA CEE Regional Congress, 25 - 27 November 2009, Warsaw, Poland

  39. "The ECJ's jurisprudence in direct taxation", Seminari di diritto tributario internazionale e comunitario, September - December 2009, 6 November 2009, Padova, Italy

  40. “Interpretation of Secondary EU law in the Light of Primary EU law”, GREIT Seminar, 25 - 26 September 2009, Amsterdam

  41. IFA 2008 Brussels Congress, member of the panel at the YIN Seminar, discussion of the doctoral thesis of Dr. Emmanuel Raingeard de la Blétière "The relationships between EC law and international tax law", 2 September 2008, Brussels, Belgium