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03.-05.12.2023 Konferenz: "Recent and Pending Cases at the CJEU on Direct Taxation"

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At this conference, we examine and discuss cases on the interpretation of the fundamental freedoms in respect of direct taxation that are currently pending at the CJEU or have recently been decided. We intend to analyze pending cases and their importance to the EU Member States and third countries, as well as to shed light on recently decided CJEU decisions and to discuss their relevance for the future.

The cases and their background will be introduced to the audience by keynote speakers. Participants are then expected to comment briefly on how the judgments will influence the domestic law of their respective home countries, how possible judgments might be implemented into the national legal systems or if there will be no need for legal adjustments at all. Therefore, we ask all participants to procure an in-depth preparation of the relevant cases from the point of view of the domestic law of their home countries.

The conference will start on Sunday, December 3, 2023, with a typical Viennese Heuriger Dinner, upon invitation of Michael Ludwig, the Mayor of Vienna. The working sessions will be held all day on December 4 and 5, 2023 at WU Campus, LC building, Ceremonial Hall 1. On the evening of December 4 there will be a reception at our Institute.

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