Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy

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Rund ums Studium

Peer groups: In order to fully benefit from the diversity of students enrolled in the SEEP program, peer groups of 4-5 students with diverse backgrounds (in terms of academic discipline, nationality, gender and age) are established upon enrolment. These peer groups function as key learning units within some courses as well as beyond, and they help create self-organized teaching-learning settings. Peer groups are supported by our mentors and tutors and are meant to establish a culture of mutual learning and cooperation.

SEEP Graduate and Student Network: Current, past and future SEEP students can connect, among others, via the linkedIn and facebook page. The pages are student-run and help to engage in discussions and write blog posts, peruse and post job and internship offers, and to (re-)connect with each other.

Academic workshops, conferences and summer/winter schools:The program provides funds to cover students' participation costs for academic events related to the scope and contents of the SEEP curriculum.

Skills workshops: Regular workshops by external coaches, focusing on topics such as academic writing, speed reading or presentation skills, are offered to students interested in improving their skills in the respective areas.

Tutoring and mentoring positions: Our students are actively supported by tutors, mentors, and our academic teaching staff. Tutors for first-year students are typically recruited from previous cohorts; second-year SEEP students are highly encouraged to apply for tutoring positions.

Movie screenings: Screenings of relevant films and documentaries are organized  each academic term and accompanied by a discussion with faculty members. The program provides drinks and snacks.

End-of-term party: Each cohort is encouraged to organize its graduation party at the end of the program.  Financial support for this event is available..