Master's Program Economics

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Areas of Specialisation

The areas of specialisation offered in the Economics Master's Program cover a broad range of economic topics and analytical approaches. The courses are closely related to the research conducted at the WU Department of Economics.

Students of the Applied Track choose four areas of specialisation, students of the Research Track choose three. Any of the eleven subjects below can be freely selected. If students decide to go for a semester abroad, they can design their own area of specialisation from the big number of field courses offered at international partner universities.

For each area of specialisation there exists a corresponding Research & Policy Seminar. Students work in small groups to develop their own research projects, closely interacting with instructors.

You can click the presentations in the containers below. Currently, some of the presentations are still in German which will change soon.

Microeconomics, Competition and Regulation

Industrial Economics

Regulatory Economics

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

International Economics, Money and Finance

International Economics

Money, Credit and Finance

Economic Development

Spatial Economics

Labor Markets, Inequality, Economic and Social Policy

Labour and Organisational Economics

Economics of Distribution

Economic and Social Policy