Fünf Studierende sitzen im Halbkreis in der Wiese vor dem D2

Preparatory Information

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All information is subject to change. (last update: February 2022)


To give students the flexibility of choice, students book the accommodation on their own. Please take a look at our accommodation suggestions. Participants are not bound to these options.

Participants who need a visa to enter Austria should be aware that they might need a confirmation from their accommodation provider.

Visa Requirements

Participants will have to organize a visa themselves. WU will provide supporting documents for students who need a visa to enter Austria. Participants are asked to express their need for visa supporting documents in the online application form. The official document will then be sent by e-mail or postal mail once the student's participation fee has reached WU's bank account. Participants who need a visa to enter Austria should be aware that they might also need a confirmation of stay from their accommodation provider.

Information on entry regulations for Austria can be found at:

Travelling to Vienna

When booking flights and making travel arrangements, students must keep in mind that they must arrive on the evening before the start of the program at the latest. There will be no pick-up or drop-off service for students.

Take the chance - save the environment! Travelling by train is the sustainable answer to air transfer. Please look at sustainable options whenever and wherever possible!

Speed Trains / Intercity

Vienna can be reached by many high speed trains from all around Europe. Visit www.oebb.at/en/ for timetable and ticket information. There are also tickets for overnight trains included traveling from many major European cities at very affordable prices.

International Buses

International buses from Bratislava, Budapest, Brno, Prague and other European cities have direct connections to Vienna. These buses often stop in the city center or along one of the subway stations in Vienna. Please visit www.eurolines.at/en, https://www.flixbus.com/ or click here for more international bus lines.

Air Transfer

Vienna lies in the heart of Europe. The Vienna International Airport is located outside the city and offers ideal connections to several major airports worldwide.

Emergency Contacts and Healthcare

We recommend to have these numbers with you at all times in case of emergency.

ISUWU EMERGENCY PHONE+43 676 8213 4314
Fire Department122
Ambulance, Rescue144
European Emergency Phone Number (EU-wide)112
Medical Doctor's Hotline
(Ärztefunkdienst, during weekends and nights)
Poisoning Information+43 1 406 43 43

ISUWU participants are asked to organize their health insurance by themselves for the time of their stay.

WU does not have its own insurance plan for summer program students. You are responsible for obtaining health insurance from a third party provider (for example a foreign travel health insurance from a health insurance company in your home country). Please also check with your insurance provider in your home country as to which treatments are covered (in case of illness or accident) and how to proceed in case you need to see a doctor abroad.


Who do you contact...

  • ...if you have general questions about the corona virus?
    Call 0800 555 621 (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety - AGES)

  • ...if you suspect you have contracted the corona virus?
    Call 1450 (Viennese health hotline) and follow their instructions AND report the suspected case to us at potential-covid@wu.ac.at and inform the program manager (christina.kampe@wu.ac.at). Stay at your accommodation and do not come to any in-person classes on campus until you receive a negative test result.

  • ...if you test positive for the corona virus?
    Inform WU of your test result via the COVID-19 notification form and follow the instructions given to you by the health authorities.

For further information about the COVID-19 situation at WU, check WU's Teach Safely. Learn Safely initiative and the International Office's COVID-19 News and Updates

Student counselling and mental health services

WU Student Engagement & Counselling

The Student Engagement & Counselling staff offer, among other things, a student counselling program, as well as support for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illness, and learning difficulties/disabilities (BeAble program).

Please feel free to contact them directly, if you feel like you need support during your studies at WU. You can find their contact information below.

Student Engagement & Counselling


The following service is located right next to WU Campus and very reasonably priced (based on your income):

Psychological Outpatient Clinic

Sigmund Freud University
Welthandelsplatz 3, ground floor, 1020 Vienna
Phone.: +43 (01) 798 40 98 / 370
Email: psyambulanz@sfu.ac.at

Please contact them beforehand to find out if you can get counseling in your first language.


The following services are offered by public institutions and are free of charge:

Psychological counseling for students

If you would like to speak to a professional about challenges you are facing during your studies, you can contact the Counseling Center for Students. Free of charge, confidential and anonymous.

Furthermore this institution offers a very interesting and useful online guideline called "Coming to a new country", specifically adressing exchange students.

Lederergasse 35/4th Floor | 1080 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1-402 30 91

Email: psychologische.studentenberatung(at)univie.ac.at

Web: http://www.studierendenberatung.at/en

Opening Hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.

Social services hotline for Vienna (Sozialruf der Stadt Wien)

If you would like to speak to a social worker about problems you are facing in your life, contact the Social services hotline for Vienna.

Phone: +43 1 53377 77

Email: sozialruf(at)m47.magwien.gv.at

Opening Hours: daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Social Psychiatric Emergency Service (Sozialpsychiatrischer Notdienst)

In cases of serious mental health problems, contact the social psychiatric emergency service (you will be able to speak with trained psychiatrists).

Gumpendorfer Straße 157 | 1060 Wien

Phone: +43 1 31330

Email: sndpost(at)psd-wien.at

Web: psd-wien.at

Opening Hours: daily from 0 a.m. – 12 p.m.