FAQs - ISU WU 2020

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How can I expect the ISU WU program 2020 to be organized?

We have decided to organize the ISUWU program and its courses in a distance-learning format because of the COVID-19 developments and its measures. It is going to be an exciting and intensive experience for participants. In addition to the academic program, also extra-curricular activities will take place online. The ISUWU Enrichment Program on "Virtual Exchange" will foster our students´ intercultural experience during the program.

How do I get all necessary program information and details?

We will forward all necessary information to all participants before program start via e-mail. All participants will get access to WU´s learning platform Learn@WU and to the communication tool Microsoft Teams. As soon as those platforms are set up, they will be used to exchange information as well.

Additionally, WU will organize a preparatory online Q and A in June for all interested participants to clarify all open questions regarding our summer program 2020.

How can I apply for the program?

​​​​​​Unfortunately, the application period for international students is already over. From February 15 to March 31, 2021 you can apply for our ISUWU 2021 edition.

Can I switch courses?

It is not possible to swap courses after the end of the application period (ended March 31). For urgent cases, please contact the program manager.

What do I have to prepare?

All participants who are officially accepted to the program will receive a program guide with all necessary preparation information via e-mail.

For the academic program, all students have to work on pre-course assignments they have to hand in until the set deadlines. For details please have a look at the course outlines online.

When do I have to submit the pre-course assignment for my classes?

We will be e-mailing the necessary pre-course assignment instructions to participants on time. Participants who have not received their assignments by mid-June at the latest are asked to contact their lecturer and the ISUWU program manager as soon as possible.

How many ECTS credits can I earn by attending the program? What workload can I expect at the ISU WU program?

After successful completion of one session, students can earn 8 ECTS credits (4 per course). This corresponds to a workload of approximately 200 working hours (25 hours per ECTS credit, 100 per course). You will receive grades for the two courses and a certificate after the end of the program. For credit transfer options please talk to your home university coordinator.

How much does the distance-learning format cost? Which fee scheme applies to which student status?

Since the ISUWU program 2020 will take place in a distance-learning format, students are not expected to pay a program fee. The payable tuition fee depends on the participants' status and amounts to 0 EUR for exchange students, 380 EUR for non-exchange students from partner universities and 760 EUR for international freemover students. For more details please look at Participation Fee & Payment.

What is included in the fee? Do I need to expect any extra costs or fees?

The payment of the tuition fee is a contribution towards covering the academic costs (e.g. classes and teaching materials). WU will not charge any additional costs.

How do I cancel my participation? Can I shift to next summer´s program in 2021? What consequences does a withdrawal have?

Please inform us immediately by e-mail if you want to cancel your participation in the program. In order to be able to participate in the 2021 program, a separate application for ISUWU 2021 is required. If a student cancels his or her participation less than 15 days before the beginning of the course, no refund will be possible. If a student nominated by a partner university as part of our exchange agreement cancels his or her participation less than 15 days before the beginning of the course, the student would still count toward our general exchange balance.

Who do I need to contact in case of program-related emergencies?

In case of program-related emergencies please contact the program manager.

Which technical equipment do I need for the courses and the program? Do I need to pay for any new applications or accounts?

To participate in the ISUWU via distance-learning, a laptop, a webcam and a stable internet connection are required. The access data for the LEARN@WU learning platform and for the Microsoft Teams communication tool will be provided by WU.

Do I have to take exams during the courses and how do examinations work within the new format?

The assessment criteria depends on the individual lecturer and can be found in the published course outlines.

How will I be graded during the course?

The overall WU grading scheme of the courses will be as follows (total 100% or points): 

•             90 - 100% or points - excellent (WU grade: 1) 

•             80 - 89% or points - good (WU grade: 2) 

•             70 - 79% or points - satisfactory (WU grade: 3) 

•             60 - 69% or points - sufficient (WU grade: 4) 

•             0 - 59% or points - fail (WU grade: 5)

Where can I get more information about WU?

If you want to learn more about WU, you can visit the official WU website.

How can I transfer the tuition fee to WU´s account?

For fee transfer option please take a look at our website and wait for the payment information via email.