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A) Application requirements

The International Summer UniversityWU is open to:
  • Undergraduate students

  • Graduate students

  • Recent graduates


Requirements for Undergraduate students:

Application requirements for the Undergraduate Program are current enrollment in an undergraduate study program in the fields of business administration. By the time of participation in the ISUWU program, students must have completed a minimum of one year of undergraduate education with a specific focus on business administration and related areas.

Requirements for Graduate students:

Application requirements for the Graduate Program are current enrollment in a master's or MBA program (or equivalent), with a focus on business administration/economics, and / or a bachelor degree in a business major by the time of participation in the ISUWU program.

Language Skills:

Applicants interested in participating in the International Summer UniversityWU need an excellent command of the English language. The English language requirements can be found at ISUWU Language Requirements.

Guidelines and Data Protection:

Please note that all participants of the International Summer UniversityWU must comply with our Guidelines and Data Protection.

B) Application procedure

All students coming from a WU partner university can be officially nominated by their home university by March 15, 2020. Please see Participation Fee & Payment for further details on the nomination procedure.

>> Please note that the nomination decisions are made and undertaken by each WU partner university´s responsible coordinators.

All officially nominated and non-nominated students from WU partner universities as well as students from non-WU partners need to follow the underneath mentioned application process.

  1. Read the application instructions below and gather the supporting documents (for a complete list of documents please see the application documents section below). We strongly advise students to gather all necessary documents before submitting the online application form.

  2. Read the Guidelines and Data Protection for the International Summer UniversityWU.

  3. Access our online application system, fill in and submit the online application form (first part of the online application) by March 31, 12 noon (vienna time). (Please note: The link will be active starting February 15, 2020)

  4. Upload all required supporting documents (second part of the online application) and press submit to complete the online application process.

  5. Students will be informed about the outcome of their application via email by April 30, 2020.


If there are any technical problems, please contact the program manager (sarina.gludovatz@wu.ac.at) until March 31, 2020.

C) Application documents

In order for the application to be successful, applicants must upload all necessary application documents, demonstrate excellent command of the language of instruction (English), and meet all the requirements specified in the course description. All documents that are not issued in English or German must be provided together with an adequate translation into English or German. We advise to gather all supporting documents before starting the online application process. Only files less than approximately 2MB are allowed to be uploaded. (Allowed filetypes: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, doc, docx, pdf)

To apply for the Undergraduate Program please upload the following documents:

To apply for the Graduate Program please upload the following documents:

D) Submission of application & admission

  • Confirmation of receipt: All students who complete the online application process on time, will receive an automated email confirming that their full application has been received by the responsible WU coordinator.

  • Admission decision: All applicants who complete the online application process on time will be informed about the outcome of their application via email by April 30, 2020. The official acceptance letter will include further instructions on the payment of the participation fee. The applicants' spot on the ISUWU program is only guaranteed once we receive the payment. As soon as the payment reaches the ISUWU account, accepted applicants will receive a letter of confirmation.

  • Allocation of courses: During the online application process, students are asked to rank the available courses according to their preferences. Please note that there is no guarantee getting a spot that corresponds to the preference for a course. We try our best to accommodate students' preferences, but due to the limited number of spots this is not always possible.

  • Information package prior to arrival: In May all accepted students will receive a so-called ISUWU Pre-Arrival Guide with useful information and details about the summer program. The participants will also be informed about the pre-course assignments required for their courses.


Fact Sheet ISU WU 2020
Fact Sheet ISU WU 2020
Nomination Form ISU WU 2020 Template