Private accommodation - Housing Anywhere

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If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation in a private apartment, we recommend using the Housing Anywhere platform. If proof of accommodation is needed for visa purposes, this proof will have to be issued by the landlord. We advise against other platforms due to the risks of abuse.

Housing Anywhere

WU partners with Housing Anywhere, an international student-to-student housing to give students further options for housing during their time abroad. We warmly recommend you to sign up for the Housing Anywhere Accommodation Service. Housing Anywhere has specialized in helping international students find and book their new room abroad, and is doing that for over 150 universities worldwide. By signing up, Housing Anywhere will provide you with regular updates of new rooms available in Vienna. This service is free of charge, you are not obliged to book any of the suggested rooms. Only if you book a room on Housing Anywhere an administrative fee is charged for Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.

You can sign up for this service here