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BBE OSA Follow Up and Tipps

Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist aktuell nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Here you can find some additional help and tips for improving the skills that were tested in the online self-assessment (OSA) test. The information below is not part of the exam topics. It is merely intended to help you prepare for the Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics in general.

If you’re looking for information on the entrance exam and the exam topics for this degree program, please click here.


Did you have a hard time solving the math examples in the OSA test? It may be a good idea to dust off your old math books from school, browse through the final-year topics, and practice the corresponding problems.

Can’t find your old math books? Still have them but they’re too worn out to use? You completed your secondary education in a country other than Austria? No problem! You can also find math exercises, problems, and materials for brushing up your skills online here (examples in English are available under [englische Übersetzung].


Did you have difficulties completing the OSA in English? Maybe you just need some practice to brush up your skills. Click here for more information on how to best practice your English.


You would like to improve your analytical and logical thinking because you did not perform well at the matrizes test? You may try Sudoko, take some tasks from IQ-Tests online or complete exercises from your mathematics books – whatever works for you!