SAVE THE DATE: 5. ExInt Cercle WS 18/19: Let's go on multicultural treasure hunt!

05. Dezember 2018

Im Rahmen unserer Veranstaltungsreihe ExInt Cercle wurde folgender Vortrag organisiert:

Thema: „Let's go on multicultural treasure hunt! Searching for a solution of how to best manage multicultural teams virtually and on-site in a highly globalized world“

Vortragende: Frau Mag. (FH) Iris Lohmann, MAS Danfoss


Although the world is becoming more global, organisational behaviour is still very much influ-enced by people’s cultural background (national culture). But in order to be successful in the global economy, a manager as well as its employee, a business partner and all involved, must understand the effect of diverse cultures on our behaviour by at the same time being able to manage culturally diverse organizations and teams. Which is easier said than done.

In addition to dealing with cultural diversity, most global teams must cope with team members who are sitting in different places, both inside and outside the company, often spanning many time zones, and who must interact effectively to develop new products or to better satisfy customers. Dispersed teams, relying on information and communications technology to con-duct much of their work together, are often referred to as “virtual teams”.

To find ourselves, simultaneously, in many teams, in many places, among many different cul-tures offers as a result a bunch of benefits by at the same time challenging us day by day.

In order to offer you even more insights and an opportunity to test the theory for its applica-bility in real-life situation, we are very happy to announce being able to invite Iris Lohmann from Danfoss, who is surely one of the best experts, when it comes to managing multicultural teams virtually as well as on-site, for an expert talk within of our next ExInt Cercle.


Termin: Mo, 14.01.2019, 12:00-14:00 Uhr

Ort: TC.3.03 Hörsaal

Anmeldung über Doodle wird bis 08.01.2019 erbeten (keine Anmeldung für Studierende des Wahlfachs Management Skills bei Dr. Zipper notwendig)

Hier geht es zur vollständigen Einladung.

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