Das war der 4. ExInt Cercle im WS 2018/19: Mastering a challenge of dealing with substantial differences

06. Dezember 2018

Who is best skilled to be or how to become the Head of Marketing international?

Danielle Willert knows better and has gratefully shared her experiences within our last ExInt Cercle 2018 at WU. As an experienced International Marketing specialist, with more than 25 years of experience and profound knowledge in the field, she debated with our students from international marketing course run by Viktoriya Zipper, PhD about the expectations to meet, tasks to deal with, “have to/should” skills to convince with as well as how much influence does this position offers, what is all to take care and to be in charge of.

Moreover, Danielle talked about the difficulties in organising marketing activities between the head office and the subsidiaries of multinational organisations, the practice of marketing budgeting and sharing the marketing expenses within the international organisation, differences of local markets to be aware of, as well as jointly searched for a feasible solution of a inharmoniousness as a cause of all mentioned challenges.

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