Das war der 3. ExInt Cercle im WS 2018/19: Influencer and Influencer Marketing

06. Dezember 2018

Alexandra Palla and Patricia S. talked to us yesterday about influencer and influencer marketing within our ExInt Cercle WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

The hype is being on everyone's lips and does not seem to be slowing down. But how long will this trend last and what makes influencers so attractive?

Alexandra Palla, as a founder & organiser of AFBA Austria Food Blog Award since 2012, is trying hard to communicate and implement high quality standards in order both, the field and the profession itself, to become more professional.

The students of ExInt Master Course International Marketing taught by Viktoriya Zipper, PhD, debated about the current developments of the influencer scene, differences by using influencer marketing as a MNU versus SME as well as possible impact of Influencer Marketing on internationalization process of SMEs, but also questioned the daily routine of an influencer, how many followers do you need in order to belong to the best and make a living of it and compared Austrian influencers to international stars in this scene.

We felt extremely lucky to have found an expert, who combines all those roles and was ready to share her knowledge and experience with us.

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