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Vienna Summer School of Responsible Entrepreneurship

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This intensive undergraduate program will be held in a distance-learning format. The online program will take place in July 2021, and builds on the expertise of WU's Entrepreneurship Center and involved WU and guest lecturers.

 All information is subject to change. (last update: June 2, 2021) 

  • Location/Format: Online program

  • Duration: 2 intensive weeks (+ additional individual and group assignments before and after the program)

  • Program dates: July 12 - July 23, 2021 (intensive weeks)

  • Participants: Max. 15 WU students + international bachelor's students 

  • Fee: Participating WU students do not pay a program fee

  • Credits: Students will receive 8 ECTS credits and a grade certificate for successful program completion. The earned ECTS credits can be confirmed as part of the IBW International Experience and/or can be transferred towards your curriculum. (->Credit Transfer Options)

Academic Program

A group of international and WU bachelor's students will jointly attend this online program to learn about responsible entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurial skills. The program will have a strong focus on purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

The academic program will be taught by Dr. Rudolf Dömötör who leads the core team of the WU Entrepreneurship Center and by international guest lecturers, both academics and business practitioners (entrepreneurs, investors, consultants).

Two intensive weeks are planned for the course (July 12 - July 23). Additionally the course includes individual assignments and group work before and after the intensive weeks.

Credit Transfer Options

After successful completion of the program you will have earned 8 ECTS credits. Obtained credits can be transferred to your WU curriculum and/or can be confirmed as part of the IBW International Experience.

Possible credit transfer options can be found on our factsheet.