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WU mobility grant for International Short Programs

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The WU mobility grant aims to financially support WU students who could not otherwise afford to participate in an International Short Program abroad. 

General information

In 2024, up to 5 grants are available for each International Short Program abroad. Please note that there is no financial support by WU for programs not organized by WU (e.g. for the CUHK or SMU summer programs).


  • You are a regular, degree-seeking student at WU and fulfill the application requirements for the respective ISP

  • The award of the grant is subject to plausible proof of special and verifiable needs. A special need can arise, for example, from social or financial disadvantage, disability, chronic illness, care obligations for children and/or other persons.


You can submit an application for a WU mobility grant as part of the International Short Program application process. Please upload the following additional documents when you apply:

  • Proof of special need (e.g. current official confirmation of receipt of a federal scholarship, i.e. Studienbeihilfe, medical proof / certificates etc.)

  • Letter of application: Please indicate why you are seeking financial support, how the grant can contribute to your academic success, and why it is important for your studies (in English or German, at least 2000 but not more than 3000 characters, incl. spaces)


The selection of students to be awarded financial support is part of the general selection process for the International Short Programs (based on application documents and group interviews).

First, students are selected for admission to the respective program on the basis of the general selection criteria for International Short Programs (motivation, English proficiency, interest in the region, teamwork ability, intercultural competence, academic progress) and the selected students will be ranked.

If you are selected to attend an ISP abroad, your eligibility for a grant will be determined based on your financial situation, your letter of application for the grant, and your position in the ranking.

If you are not awarded a grant, you can attend the ISP under the standard terms.

Amount of Grant

The available grants are composed of two parts:

  • Waived program fee

  • Travel allowance and allowance for accommodation (applies to the programs in Porto and Buenos Aires)

This means that the exact grant amount depends on the program fee and the distance to the respective ISP.

What else is important to know?

Students have no legal entitlement to a WU mobility grant.

Students selected for a grant will be required to submit an experience report (“Erfahrungsbericht”) after the end of the program.

Students who do not complete their International Short Program successfully or who fail to submit the report will have to pay back their grant.

WU’s goal is to allow as many students as possible to gain international experience. For this reason, when selecting recipients of the grant, we try to prioritize students who have not yet received grants for other mobility programs (e.g. exchange semester, ISP abroad).

If no WU grant is awarded and a student can therefore not participate in the respective program, the participation can be cancelled with good cause.

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