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ENGAGE.EU Summer School

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The ENGAGE.EU Summer School is an intensive, two-week summer program taught by professors and lecturers from leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences. In 2023, the Summer School will take place at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business). The topic of this year's summer school will be "Transformation to sustainability in Europe: challenges and solutions".

Below you can find the information about the upcoming summer school. Please also visit the ENGAGE.EU Website for further information. 

  • Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Duration: 2 weeks

  • Program dates: June 7 (online), July 17-28th (on campus)

  • ECTS Credits: 5

  • Administration fee: €100 

  • Language of instruction: English

  • Application period: February 15-March 15 2023

Information for WU students:

Please note that the application for this program takes place via the ENGAGE.EU website, and not the general ISP application process.

Please note that the ENGAGE.EU Summer School cannot be confirmed as (part of) the IBW International Experience.

Information about credit transfer options can be found in this document.

Last update: 24.02.2022

All information is subject to change.

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