ISUs Stipendium

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Grants are avail­able for In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity pro­grams or­gan­ized by WU. This type of fin­an­cial sup­port is in­ten­ded to en­able stu­dents who could not other­wise af­ford to par­ti­cip­ate in an ISU pro­gram to take part in one of the pro­grams. The goal is to give as many WU stu­dents as possible an op­por­tun­ity to gain this kind of in­ter­na­tional ex­per­i­ence.

Gen­eral in­form­a­tion

Up to 5 grants are avail­able for each In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity or­gan­ized by WU. Please note that no fin­an­cial sup­port is avail­able for pro­grams not or­gan­ized by WU (espe­cially for the CUHK Sum­mer Pro­gram).

Ap­plic­a­tion re­quire­ments

  • Ad­mis­sion to a WU bach­elor’s de­gree pro­gram

  • Proof of fin­an­cial eli­gib­il­ity (proof of re­ceipt of a fed­eral schol­ar­ship in the cor­res­pond­ing aca­demic year)


You can sub­mit an ap­plic­a­tion for an ISU grant as part of the In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity ap­plic­a­tion pro­cess. Please up­load the fol­low­ing ad­di­tional doc­u­ments when you ap­ply:

  • Con­firm­a­tion of re­ceipt of a fed­eral schol­ar­ship (Stud­i­en­bei­hilfe)

  • Let­ter of ap­plic­a­tion: Please in­dic­ate why you are seek­ing fin­an­cial sup­port, how the grant can con­trib­ute to your aca­demic suc­cess, and why it is im­port­ant for your stud­ies (in Eng­lish or Ger­man, at least 2000 but no more than 3000 char­ac­ters, incl. spaces)


The se­lec­tion of stu­dents to be awar­ded fin­an­cial sup­port is part of the gen­eral se­lec­tion pro­cess for the In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity pro­grams (based on ap­plic­a­tion doc­u­ments and group in­ter­views). First, stu­dents are se­lec­ted for ad­mis­sion to the ISU pro­gram on the basis of the gen­eral se­lec­tion cri­teria for In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity pro­grams (mo­tiv­a­tion, Eng­lish pro­fi­ciency, in­terest in the re­gion, team­work ab­il­ity, in­ter­cul­tural com­pet­ence, aca­demic pro­gress) and the se­lec­ted stu­dents will be ranked.

If you are se­lec­ted to at­tend the ISU, your eli­gib­il­ity for a grant will be de­termined based on your fin­an­cial situ­ation, your let­ter of ap­plic­a­tion for the grant, and your pos­i­tion in the rank­ing.

If you are not awar­ded a grant, you can at­tend the ISU un­der the stand­ard terms.

Amount of Grant

The grant is com­posed of two parts:

  • Par­tial cov­er­age of the at­tend­ance fee

  • Travel al­low­ance (Asia € 450/Europe € 200)

Stu­dents who re­ceive a grant have to pay a re­mainder of € 300 them­selves.

This means that the ex­act grant amount de­pends on the at­tend­ance fee and the dis­tance to the re­spect­ive ISU:

ISUs 2018Grant in EUR
ISU Ch­ina1.670
ISU In­done­sia1.350
ISU Nor­dic 1.550
ISU Rus­sia1.550
ISU Vi­et­nam1.400

What else is im­port­ant to know?

Stu­dents have no legal en­ti­tle­ment to an ISU grant. Stu­dents who do not com­plete their In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity pro­gram suc­cess­fully will have to pay back their grant. WU’s goal is to al­low as many stu­dents as possible to gain in­ter­na­tional ex­per­i­ence. For this reason, a stu­dent can only re­ceive one grant for an In­ter­na­tional Sum­mer Uni­versity once dur­ing his or her stud­ies at WU. Please note that we can­not con­sider any ap­plic­a­tions for ISU grants by stu­dents who have already re­ceived a WU grant for an­other mobil­ity pro­gram (ex­change semester, ISU).