Angebot an Sommeruniversitäten

Folgende Arten von Kurz­stu­di­en­pro­grammen gibt es grund­sätz­lich, die im Rahmen des WU-Stu­diums absol­viert werden können.

Inter­na­tio­nale Sommer­uni­ver­si­täten der WU

Inter­na­tio­nale Sommer­uni­ver­sität CUHK

"My journey to Thai­land exceeded my expec­ta­tions. In our inter­con­nected and globa­lized world, inter­cul­tural compe­tence is more crucial than ever. And, for this purpose, is there a better oppor­tu­nity than gaining firs­t-hand cultural expe­ri­ence by travel­ling? Explo­ring Bangkok toge­ther with a group of like-­minded students and simul­ta­neously fami­li­a­ri­zing myself with a major commer­cial center in Asia, was defi­ni­tely a once-in-a-­li­fe­time expe­ri­ence."

Aylin Sophie Koc, ISU Thailand 2017