Credit Transfer and IBW International Experience

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Credit Transfer

Each Joint ISU organized by WU is worth 8 ECTS credits. The courses offered during the ISU programs vary each year; please check the respective fact sheets for credit transfer possibilities.

Please note that credits obtained during a Joint ISU can always be transferred for the following parts of the curriculum.

  • International Courses
    BESC (WISO) - IBW major

  • Free Elective
    BESC (WISO) - Curricula 2012 and 2019


Credits can also be transferred from successfully completed courses in summer programs at WU-partner universities. Please consult the following list of recommended summer programs at WU-partner universities and the department for Study Regulations & Credit Transfer: course.abroad@wu.ac.at.

Please also contact the department for Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (course.abroad@wu.ac.at) for information on other individual credit transfer possibilities.

After your return, you have to submit your application for credit transfer in the Study Service Center.

IBW international experience

The IBW international experience in the International Business Administration major can be fulfilled by:

Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5
Exchange Semester
3 x International
Summer University
2 x International
Summer University
1 x International
Summer University
2 x International
Summer University
  1 x Internship Abroad1 x Internship Abroad1 x Central Europe
Connect (SBWL IB)
   1 x Central Europe
Connect (SBWL IB)

The IBW international experience can only be awarded to students who participate in an ISU taking place in another country than their country of nationality.

The maximum amount of ECTS credits which can be transferred per International Summer University is 8. Please check the criteria which International Summer Universities have to fulfill and which minimum effort is demanded.

Attention: new rules apply to all students, who have started their IBW international experience after October 1, 2016! Please, carefully read through the minimum requirements.

Contact International Office

General consultation IBW international experience

Contact Study Regulations & Credit Transfer

Check of equivalency before the study semester abroad, credit transfer and confirmation IBW international experience