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Responsible leadership during the corona crisis (Dec. 9, 2020)

[Recording of a livestreamed online event, also available on YouTube] Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen examples of people from all walks of life demonstrating exemplary leadership – and we have seen decision-makers fail miserably. In all these cases, there are important lessons to be learned. In this second annual STaR-hosted event at the WU Matters WU Talks series, we discussed what leadership in a crisis really meant and shared best practices to help us be better prepared for future crises.


Günter K. Stahl,Co-Director, Competence Center STaRCo-Director, Competence Center STaR

Panel discussion:

Karin Apjarova, Marketing Director, EMEA Key Accounts at Oracle

Alpaslan Deliloglu, CEO & CSO, IKEA GmbH Austria

Wolfgang Höpler, Specialist in Infectious Diseases

Video WU matters. WU talks. - Responsible leadership during the corona crisis

WU matters. WU talks. -…

State of the Art of Responsible Leadership Research (Sept. 16, 2020)


[Recording of a livestreamed online event; link below] This 9th International Humboldt Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility focused on how companies could combine economic growth, sustainability, and responsibility in the context (and the future aftermath) of the coronavirus pandemic. STaR fellow Christof Miska contributed to the panel discussion on responsible leadership research, which dug deeper into the ongoing scholarly discourse in terms of mindset shifts and skill development, short-term trade-offs versus long-term thinking, and new incentive systems.

Panel discussion:

Ed Freeman, The Darden School, University of Virginia

Oliver Laasch, Alliance Manchester Business School

Christof Miska, Vienna University of Economics and Business, STaR Fellow)


René Schmidpeter, The CBS International Business School

Video recording of this and other presentations is available on the official conference website.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals: Why Should They be Your Business? (Nov. 22, 2019)

Video WU matters. WU talks. - Nachhaltigkeit – Geht mich nichts an?

WU matters. WU talks. -…

[Recording of a live event, also available on YouTube] As an academically-rooted sustainability center, we consider it our core responsibility to raise the SDG awareness on and beyond the WU campus. Our first annual event at the WU Matters WU Talks series was part of this ongoing effort.


Günter K. Stahl,Co-Director, Competence Center STaR

Panel discussion:

Elisa Aichinger, Director of Social Innovation at Deloitte Consulting

Sigrid Stagl, Co-Director, Competence Center STaR

Brigitte Bichler, Senior Advisor for Environment at OMV

Theresa Imre, Founder and Managing Director of the virtual farmer’s market Markta


Milda Zilinskaite, Senior Scietist & Manager at STaR

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