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If you are a WU employee, please click on the WU Memo page links below (login needed):2

In addition, our team at STaR has compiled a carefully curated Google spreadsheet table with links to:

  • Volunteering & donations locally

  • Information platforms

  • Job platforms & related

  • Support through corporate initiatives

Please note that if you are a WU employee, you are allowed to take a special 2 day leave from work to engage in voluntary work at a recognized aid organizationhere in Austria. We believe that this is an enormous opportunity to contribute: please consider it!

Additionally, we include job platforms and related support sitesfor people from Ukraine. Some links hopefully are also be helpful to asylum-seekers and refugees from other parts of the world. Please share our link if you know anyone who may benefit from this information!

To access the table, click here:

#Humanitarian Crisis: How Can We All Help?

Other information sources at WU

Internal email distribution lists

WU Faculty and staff can send and receive information via internal mailing lists. For example:

  • Follow email updates from the Academic Staff Council (Betriebsrat für das wissenschaftliche Personal) / Administrative Staff Council (Betriebsrat für das Allgemeine Universitätspersonal).

Support initiatives at or near WU

MORE program

[The following text is excerpted from a recent WU-Memo post] WU is reviving the MORE program to support refugee students. In the current summersemester 2022, up to 30 refugee business students with the status of a.o. students complete selected courses and use the services for WU students (mail account, language learning center, PC rooms, etc.).

All information about the MORE program can be found under the following link:

Contact address:

WU hardware for the Ukrainian School in Vienna

More information about this initiative, in collaboration with WU's IT Department and the rector's office, will follow soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Refer your students to Volunteering@WU


Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule is a cooperation between WU, Caritas Vienna and BILLA, committed to educational equality regardless of the socio-economic background. Since 2010, each semester, the program has been connecting around 130 university students with 260 children and teenagers from 20 Caritas institutions, including accommodations for asylum seekers, mother-child houses, counselling centers, and others. Students and kids meet on a weekly basis in three different buddy tracks (study-, music- or sports-buddy) to learn with and from each other. Currently, students are also engaged in the Caritas accommodations’ program for refugee families from Ukraine.

The program applies the method of service learning: students perform volunteer work (a service) and complete complementary seminars, supervision, and reflection assignments (learning). They receive 3 ECTS credits per term in addition to WUs social skills certificate.

We encourage you to refer your students to get involved with Volunteering@WU!

Please note that German skills are required to take part in this program.

For more up-to-day information, follow us on STaR LinkedIn!

Here we post news on how to get engaged, opportunities for Ukrainian job seekers, and other urgent announcements. Along with other STaR-related public disemmination activities.