STaR Networks

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WU Vienna is committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education. STaR is a member of the PRME LEAP working group: a network of scholars promoting the sustainability mindset as a way to achieve the SDGs.

STaR is a member of the global Network for Business Sustainability and will co-host the fifth biennial workshop for leaders of sustainability research centres in June 2020.

STaR is a member in the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria, which aims to strengthen the role of sustainability in the country's higher education institutions.

StaR is a member of the Climate Change Center, a coordinating organization for the promotion of climate research in Austria.

STaR is actively involved in the Copernicus Alliance, a European network of higher education institutions aiming to promote sustainable development in all sectors of the higher education system.

WU Vienna is a partner of the EU Growth in Transition, which encourages institutions, organizations, and enterprises to address questions related to growth, wealth, and quality of life. The third conference organized by the initiative took place in February 2016 at WU (under the leadership of Dr. Fred Luks).