Socioeconomics Research Seminar SS 2020

Socioeconomics Research Seminar SS 2020
DateTimeLocation GuestTitle
02 March13:00 - 15:00D4.3.106Magdalena Roszczynska-Kurasinska, University of WarsawThe grassroots activation as a facilitator of transition to a circular economy
12 March17:30 - 19:30D4.3.106Sylke van Dyk, Friedrich-Schiller-University in JenaIdentity and Class in Times of Far-Right Populism
19 March16:00 - 18:00D4.3.106Eric Kemp-Benedict, Stockholm Environment InstituteWhy absolute decoupling of energy consumption from GDP has not been observed and how that might change
25 March18:00 - 20:00D4.3.106Monika Berg, Örebro University, SwedenEnvironmental vs. economic sustainability - managing value conflicts in pension fund investments
16 April18:00 - 20:00D4.3.106Ismael Blanco, Autonomous University of BarcelonaBarcelona after the Crisis. Sociopatial inequalities, social innovation and the New Municipalism
21 April18:00 - 20:00D4.3.106Alexia Lochmann, Paris School of Economics 
26 May18:00 - 20:00D4.3.106Tamas Vonyo, Bocconi 
05 June D4.3.106Stephie Fried, Arizona State University 
09 June14.00 - 16:00D4.3.106Frederic Hache, Green Finance ObservatoryFinancialisation of Nature and the New Sustainable Finance Initiatives

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