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Socioeconomics Research Seminar WS 20/21

Socioeconomics Research Seminar WS 20/21
20 October16.00 - 18.00Tamas Vonyo, Bocconi Universität
War and Socialism: Economic Growth
and Backwardness in Eastern Europe
03 November18.00 - 20.00Hans van Kippersluis
Hans JLW van Kippersluis
Dynamic complementarity in skill production:
evidence from genes and birth order
10 November18.00 - 20.00Tamas Krisztin; IIASA
Tamas Krisztin
18 November16.00 - 18.00Project-Team Society after MoneySociety after Money: A Simulation
25 November16.00 - 18.00The Great Socio-Ecological Transformation from Below?From Ascriptions to Self-Conceptions of Civil-society Driven
Sharing, Repairing, Housing, and Food Initiatives
Margarete Haderer, Karoline Kalke
and Michael Deflorian (IGN)
1 December17.00 - 19.00Vally Koubi, ETH Zürich
Vally Koubi
Environmental migrants and social
movement participation
9 December16.00 - 18.00Ulrike Kornrek, Universität Kiel
Ulrike Kornek
When redistribution warrants a single price for
an externality, and what to do without it
15 December18.00 - 20.00Peter Victor & Martin Sers, York University
Peter Victor
Explorations in Ecological Macroeconomics
12 January18.00 - 20.00Theresa Neef, FU Berlin
Theresa Neef 
The long way to gender equality
25 January17.00 - 19.00
online access:
David Soskice, LSE
David Soskice 
Creative Destruction in Economics, Politics and Society:
the Ongoing Digital Revolution in Advanced Capitalist Democracies