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Socioeconomics Research Seminar SS 21

Socioeconomics Research Seminar SS21
23 March17.00 - 19.00Gregor Semieniuk, University of MassachusettsThe financial geography of stranded
oil and gas assets 
13 April17.00 - 19.00Max Koch, Lund UniversitySocial Policy without Growth: Moving towards
sustainable Welfare States
20 April 18.00-20.00Blanca Sánchez-Alonso, Universidad San Pablo-CEU

Carlos Santiago-Caballero, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
The loss of human capital after
the Spanish civil war
27 April17.00-19.00Bernhard Mahlberg, Industriewissenschaftlichen InstitutIndustry 4.0 – the future of Austrian jobs
04 May18.00 - 19.30Julia Cagé, Sciences Po 

Anna Dagorret, Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Saumitra Jha, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Heroes and Villains: The Effects of Combat
Heroism on Autocratic Values and
Nazi Collaboration in France
11 May17.00 - 19.00Adam Brzezinski, University of Oxford Narratives of Blame
27 May15.00 - 17.00Silke van Dyk, Universität Jena 
online-access: Hier
Identity and Class in Times of Far-Right Populism
01 June 18.00 - 19.30Javier Mejia Cubillos, NYU Abu DhabiSocial networks and entrepreneurship
in historical context
08 June18.00 - 19.30Wolf-Fabian Hungerland & Felix Kersting, HU Berlin & 
Richard Bräuer, Halle Institute for Economic Research
Trade Shocks, Labor Markets and Elections
in the First Globalization
15 June17.00 - 19.00Dominik Hangartner, ETH ZürichMonitoring hiring discrimination through online 
recruitment platforms