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Gastvortrag (Online) im Rahmen des Research Seminar Socioeconomics am 19. Oktober 2021

14. Oktober 2021

PD Dr. Elisabeth Bublitz, Universität Hamburg, Fakultät Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Fachbereich Sozialökonomie The Impact of perceptions - An economic assessment How we perceive the world has been shown to significantly shape our economic preferences. In this talk, Elisabeth Bublitz will present two examples: the role of perceptions for (re-)distribution in Europe and for the employability of individuals with disabilities. For the former, a survey experiment is used to test the causal effect of respondents’ (mis-)perceptions of their own income positions on their social policy preferences for redistribution within a national as well as a European context (Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Poland). For the latter, it is investigated whether the population is aware of the (sizeable) differences in labor market participation of individuals with and without disabilities. In a survey experiment design, participants state their level of support for existing and potential new (policy) measures to reduce the participation gap.

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