Doctorate / PhD Program

We consider the educa­tion and super­vi­sion of doctoral students as crucial for achie­ving our rese­arch objec­tives. Most of our doctoral students are WU employees. The doctoral program offered by the insti­tute and our partner insti­tu­tions is desi­gned to provide doctoral students with the trai­ning necessary for a successful academic rese­arch and teaching career, a posi­tion in marke­ting rese­arch insti­tu­tions, or in advanced manage­ment consul­ting compa­nies.

This trai­ning is accom­plished by a combi­na­tion of the follo­wing ingre­dients: Students select courses in accor­dance with the formal requi­re­ments of WU's doctoral / PhD programs. In addi­tion, students attend courses which meet their indi­vi­dual needs and inte­rests in the field of Marke­ting and/or related disci­plines. They interact and work with faculty members on joint rese­arch, conduct a series of original rese­arch projects which ulti­mately lead to a disser­ta­tion, and assist in the teaching of marke­ting courses. The ulti­mate goal is to gene­rate new know­ledge through rigo­rous and high-im­pact rese­arch, which is also of prac­tical rele­vance.

Our doctoral students are expected to make a signi­fi­cant rese­arch cont­ri­bu­tion in the Insti­tute's rese­arch areas or a related field. The outcome of their rese­arch work is published in inter­na­tional rese­arch jour­nals - ideally, in the major jour­nals in the field of marke­ting - and presented at inter­na­tional academic confe­rences; the WU Marke­ting Depart­ment's disser­ta­tion guide­line (in German language) serves as a orien­ta­tion for the minimum requi­re­ments expected from successful doctoral students. Atten­ding advanced graduate courses is part of the trai­ning.

Approval for Super­vi­sion of Doctoral Studies

Vacan­cies in Rese­arch and Teaching Asso­ciates posi­tions at the Insti­tute for Service Marke­ting and Tourism are formally adver­tised via http://www.wu.ac.at/jobs.

Gene­rally spea­king, successful candi­dates are expected to have acquired a solid academic quali­fi­ca­tion (Master's degree or equi­va­lent) and a profound know­ledge of quan­ti­ta­tive rese­arch methods (e.g., in the field of marke­ting science, statis­tics, consumer rese­arch, psycho­metrics, or econo­metrics). Appli­cants should also have an inte­rest in deve­lo­ping and/or applying advanced rese­arch metho­do­lo­gies to mana­ge­ri­ally rele­vant marke­ting problems.

It is also required that doctoral students have substan­tial empi­rical rese­arch expe­ri­ence. Compu­ting skills must go beyond the user know­ledge of stan­dard soft­ware packages like SPSS or SAS and will have to include programming and/or usage skills of script languages like R (http://www.r-pro­ject.org) or Matlab (http://www.mathworks.com) and mode­ling systems like Mplus, WinBugs, and SmartPLS.

A very good written and oral command of the English language is required (for inter­na­tional candi­dates, German language skills are a plus). Infor­ma­tive refe­rences are desi­rable.

Doctoral students at WU Vienna who are not affi­liated with the Insti­tute may apply for first or second super­vi­sion by sending the follo­wing docu­ments to service.marke­tin­g@wu.ac.at: (a) Moti­va­tion letter and CV (ideally, inclu­ding a certi­fied GMAT score), (b) infor­ma­tive recom­men­da­tion letters, and (c) an elabo­rated presen­ta­tion of their rese­arch idea, which has to expli­citly demons­trate fit into the rese­arch streams pursued by the Insti­tute's faculty members. Please note that propo­sals without such a clear link to rese­arch conducted at insti­tute will not be processed further and that the conside­ra­tion of disser­ta­tion project propo­sals from doctoral students not employed by WU is subject to free super­vi­sion capa­city.

Parti­ci­pa­tion in Rese­arch Semi­nars

In addi­tion to the docto­ral-­level courses taken in accor­dance with the Insti­tute's faculty advisor and the formal requi­re­ments of WU's doctoral / PhD programs, the Insti­tute currently orga­nizes two types of rese­arch semi­nars. All doctoral students are expected to sign up for and to attend all rese­arch semi­nars during their entire tenure in the doctoral / PhD program.

Rese­arch Seminar in Service Marke­ting

This seminar is a central feature of the intel­lec­tual life of doctoral students and faculty members at the Insti­tute for Service Marke­ting and Tourism. In general, all topics and metho­do­lo­gical approa­ches within the broad field of marke­ting and related disci­plines are welcome for discus­sion. There will also be occa­sional faculty presen­ta­tions desi­gned to help students plan and manage their disser­ta­tion process.

The seminar serves as a plat­form for doctoral students and faculty members to meet and discuss their rese­arch work with each other and expe­ri­enced rese­ar­chers. It aims to provide concep­tual, theo­re­tical, and metho­do­lo­gical advice and guidance regar­ding the deve­lop­ment and acce­le­ra­tion of indi­vi­dual or joint rese­arch projects. The seminar also intends to help faculty and doctoral students to keep track of the recent theo­re­tical and metho­do­lo­gical deve­lop­ments in the marke­ting commu­nity and to both seek and receive feed­back on their own rese­arch.

For more infor­ma­tion about the seminar click here.

Marke­ting Rese­arch Seminar

This seminar is closely linked to other semi­nars and teaching formats, in parti­cular the Marke­ting Depart­ment's Rese­arch Seminar Series. To take full advan­tage of the faculty exper­tise offered at WU's Marke­ting Depart­ment, all doctoral students super­vised or advised by the Insti­tute's faculty are expected to attend all the semi­nars in the Rese­arch Seminar Series.

Seminar spea­kers' sche­dules typi­cally include a meeting with doctoral students and the option for reser­ving indi­v­dual time slots with our visi­tors; students are expected to take advan­tage of these oppor­tu­nities to interact with visiting scho­lars from the world's top univer­si­ties and to learn about the field as a whole.

In addi­tion to the networ­king possi­bi­li­ties, this seminar aims to keep doctoral students updated with fresh rese­arch results and recent deve­lop­ments in the academic marke­ting commu­nity. By reflec­ting these from the perspec­tive of their own rese­arch projects, students are enabled to receive early feed­back, to gain new insights, and/or to acquire new rese­arch ideas. Students should also be enabled to trans­late original rese­arch, which is not neces­sa­rily within the core focus of their own projects, into rese­arch ques­tions and to discuss them.

For more infor­ma­tion about the seminar click here.