Master Program in Marketing

The Insti­tute's team members are actively involved in WU's master degree (MSc) program in Marke­ting. The program is fully taught in English and offered as a full-­time program of 4 semes­ters dura­tion (120 ECTS credits).

For more infor­ma­tion please down­load our master program's brochure.

Master Thesis Super­vi­sion

We super­vise Master Theses for students enrolled in our Master Program in Marke­ting and, on an occa­sional basis and subject to free super­vi­sion capa­ci­ties, other WU master programs as well.

Gene­rally spea­king, topics eligible for super­vi­sion by our Insti­tute members need to be compa­tible with our set of general rese­arch inte­rests. Whenever possible we aim to evaluate our rese­arch in real-world settings and to provide deci­sion support for issues of mana­ge­rial rele­vance. This usually, but not neces­sa­rily, requires some empi­rical work for Master students who wish to colla­bo­rate with us when conduc­ting their Master Theses under our super­vi­sion. However, for some of our proposed thesis projects empi­rical data are already avail­able and need to be analyzed under super­vi­sion of our quali­fied team members.

Most of the topics offered for Master Thesis super­vi­sion entails colla­bo­ra­tion with our industry part­ners and/or rese­arch part­ners from other disci­plines. We strongly believe that such an approach quali­fies you as best as possible for today's compe­ti­tive busi­ness envi­ron­ments or for an academic / advanced consul­ting career.

If you are curious and want to learn more about conduc­ting your Master Thesis project in coope­ra­tion with our team members on one of the below listed topics please contact the respec­tive contact person directly (see also the indi­vi­dual faculty profiles). They will provide you with more detailed infor­ma­tion on the topic.

In the proposal please indi­cate the fit with the Insti­tute's set of general rese­arch inte­rests. Please note that we will prio­ri­tize the below listed topics for super­vi­sion and other topics are subject to free super­vi­sion capa­city.

Current master thesis topics

Please follow this LINK in order to view the master thesis topics currently open for super­vi­sion.