Master Program in Marketing

The Institute's team members are actively involved in WU's master degree (MSc) program in Marketing. The program is fully taught in English and offered as a full-time program of 4 semesters duration (120 ECTS credits).

For more information please download our master program's brochure.

Master Thesis Supervision

We supervise Master Theses for students enrolled in our Master Program in Marketing and, on an occasional basis and subject to free supervision capacities, other WU master programs as well.

Generally speaking, topics eligible for supervision by our Institute members need to be compatible with our set of general research interests. Whenever possible we aim to evaluate our research in real-world settings and to provide decision support for issues of managerial relevance. This usually, but not necessarily, requires some empirical work for Master students who wish to collaborate with us when conducting their Master Theses under our supervision. However, for some of our proposed thesis projects empirical data are already available and need to be analyzed under supervision of our qualified team members.

Most of the topics offered for Master Thesis supervision entails collaboration with our industry partners and/or research partners from other disciplines. We strongly believe that such an approach qualifies you as best as possible for today's competitive business environments or for an academic / advanced consulting career.

If you are curious and want to learn more about conducting your Master Thesis project in cooperation with our team members on one of the below listed topics please contact the respective contact person directly (see also the individual faculty profiles). They will provide you with more detailed information on the topic.

In the proposal please indicate the fit with the Institute's set of general research interests. Please note that we will prioritize the below listed topics for supervision and other topics are subject to free supervision capacity.

Current master thesis topics

Please follow this LINK in order to view the master thesis topics currently open for supervision.