Cross-Disciplinary Hackathons

The Insti­tute orga­nizes in close coope­ra­tion with the Wirt­schafts­verlag (B2B Commu­ni­ca­tions) contests for solving real-world busi­ness problems in hete­ro­ge­neous student group settings. The student compe­ti­tions typi­cally involve an industry partner (usually an Austri­an-­based world market leading company) and at least two univer­si­ties (in the past these where WU Vienna, TU Vienna, and the Univer­sity of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences).

The task for the compe­ting student teams is to develop a blue­print for a busi­ness solu­tion to a mana­ge­rial problem, which is provided by the industry partner. The basic idea behind the compe­ti­tion is similar to a hacka­thon (a combi­na­tion of the words "hack" and "mara­thon", origi­nally used in the soft­ware industry for a soft­ware deve­lop­ment compe­ti­tion but meanw­hile also used in other contexts).

To stimuate crea­ti­vity, out-of-t­he-box thin­king, contro­ver­sial discus­sions, and inno­va­tive solu­tions to manage­ment problems in a B2B industry, we try to bring toge­ther a diver­sity in educa­tional back­ground and specia­liza­t­ions. Thus, we aim to have students from multiple WU MSc programs (such as, CEMS, Marke­ting, SCM, SIMC, ...) in the hacka­thon groups. Last but not least, the student team settings also aim at mimi­cking real-world scena­rios in busi­ness prac­tice.

The groups present (and defend) their findings in a compe­ti­tive setting at the annual congress “World Market Leaders in Austria", with repre­sen­ta­tives of the spon­so­ring part­ners and many board level busi­ness leaders being in the audi­ence. The team perfor­mance is assessed by a mix of audi­ence votings and expert jury judgments. The winning team is awarded with a mone­tary prize at the confe­rence.

Prior Hacka­thons

Boku & WU Hacka­thon 2017 with Biomin (world market leader in animal nutri­tion and products for animal feed addi­tives)

TU & WU Hacka­thon 2016 with Palfinger  (world market leader in lifting solu­tions)