Research Talk by Barbara Kahn, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Barbara Kahn, Professor of Marke­ting at the Univer­sity of Penn­syl­vania (US), held a talk on “The Shop­ping Revo­lu­tion: How Successful Retailers Win Cust­o­mers in an Era of Endless Disrup­tion” in the frame of our Depart­ment’s Rese­arch Seminar Series.

She presented a frame­work that syste­ma­tizes the factors that can help compa­nies thrive in a constantly chan­ging retail envi­ron­ment. The star­ting point of her talk was the realiza­tion that we are currently witnessing the start of radical changes in retail that will revo­lu­tio­nize shop­ping in every possible way. Through prac­tical exam­ples, she vividly illus­trated what we can learn from the compa­nies that have been most successful during this wave of change. Parti­cular emphasis was placed on the game-ch­an­ging domi­nance of Amazon and its role in the markets it enters. At the same time, the presented frame­work proposed various stra­te­gies for compa­nies to survive. Successful exam­ples of either esta­blished players like Walmart or star­t-ups like Warby Parker were presented. Overall, this talk high­lighted the chal­lenges contem­porary retailers face in keeping up with cust­o­mers’ ever­-in­cre­a­sing expec­ta­tions and offered novel insights and through-­pro­vo­king solu­tions for compa­nies to thrive in the chan­ging retail envi­ron­ment.

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