Martijn de Jong (Erasmus University Rotterdam) on assessing sensitive consumer behavior using the novel technique ICRT

Martijn de Jong from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) presented his work on assessing sensitive consumer behavior using the item count response technique in our Research Seminar Series.

In the course of his presentation, he elaborated on his proposal of a new technique and statistical model called “Item Count Response Technique” (ICRT) to assess the prevalence and drivers of sensitive consumer behavior. Sensitive behavior like illegal streaming, software downloading, etc. - though being quite common - forces consumers to likely not tell the truth when asked in a survey about it, which makes it very hard to assess it for researchers, marketing managers and policy makers. The proposed ICRT poses a solution for that problem. Along with the method itself, Martijn de Jong presented Monte Carlo simulations and a large scale application to self-reported cigarette consumption among pregnant women (n = 1,315) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedure.

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