Meet the Institute

"There are no such things as service indus­tries. There are only indus­tries whose service compo­n­ents are greater or less than those of other indus­tries. Ever­y­body is in service."
(Theo­dore Levitt)

The Service Marke­ting Chal­lenge

Service is going through a revo­lu­tion and accounts for a growing and rapidly chan­ging part of busi­nesses in deve­l­oped econo­mies. Philip Kotler, the father of modern marke­ting, once said: “Every busi­ness is a service busi­ness”. From a marke­ting perspec­tive, physical products are only the tangible vehi­cles to provide service, and as such gene­rate value to the cust­omer.

Service is being trans­formed by advances in infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy, which makes service marke­ting an extre­mely exciting and chal­len­ging field of study. New data­bases accruing from inter­ac­tive online media, social networks and user gene­rated content affect consu­mers’ infor­ma­tion acqui­si­tion, deci­sion making, as well their inter­ac­tion with orga­niza­t­ions.

These deve­lop­ments offer our team members tremen­dous oppor­tu­nities to make important cont­ri­bu­tions and to create and disse­mi­nate new know­ledge in the domain of service marke­ting and manage­ment. Because of their important role in the Austrian economy, we aim to put special emphasis on touristic services.

Mission State­ment

We have a strong empi­rical rese­arch tradi­tion and typi­cally employ advanced manage­ment and marke­ting science methods to provide deci­sion support for issues of mana­ge­rial rele­vance. To serve the needs of our industry part­ners and inte­rested policy makers, we try to main­tain a balance of basic and applied rese­arch. With a lack of basic rese­arch society would run out of radi­cally new ideas in the long run. Without applied rese­arch there is no know­ledge transfer. 

As mana­ge­rial problems do not arrive in nice 'intra­di­sci­pli­nary' packages, much of our rese­arch requires colla­bo­ra­tion across disci­pli­nary borders. In terms of disse­mi­na­tion of our findings, our team members aim to publish their rese­arch in highly respected inter­na­tional marke­ting jour­nals.

Our students are typi­cally seeking rese­ar­ch-d­riven course content and wish to acquire hard skills in marke­ting rese­arch, busi­ness analy­tics, and deci­sion making. They are trained to employ these skills for criti­cally reflec­ting and analy­zing prac­tical marke­tin­g-­re­lated problems. The combi­na­tion with a rich set of prac­tical-ori­ented and expe­ri­ental teaching formats warrants that they also acquire quali­fi­ca­tions to trans­late their skills into opera­tional marke­ting programs.

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