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Michael Müller-Camen
Michael Müller-Camen

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Since September 2011 Michael Muller-­Camen is a Full Professor at the Insti­tute of Human Resource Manage­ment. His rese­arch concen­trates on Sustainable Human Resource Manage­ment (HRM). Within this emer­ging subject, his rese­arch focuses on Age Manage­ment, Green HRM, Indus­trial Rela­tions and Social Reporting. In addi­tion he is rese­ar­ching the impact of national insti­tu­tional diffe­rences on HRM and is explo­ring the link between quantum physics, manage­ment and spiri­tua­lity.

During the past two decades, Professor Muller-­Camen’s work has been widely published in peer-­re­viewed jour­nals inclu­ding the British Journal of Indus­trial Rela­tions, the British Journal of Manage­ment, the Journal of Manage­ment Studies, the Journal of Voca­tional Beha­vior, Human Rela­tions and Orga­ni­sa­tion Studies.

Professor Muller-­Camen began his career working in manage­ment in Germany. He completed his MSc at the London School of Econo­mics and his PhD at Birk­beck College, before begin­ning his career in academia. Prior to joining WU, Michael Muller-­Camen was a Professor of Inter­na­tional HRM at Midd­lesex Univer­sity, London, where he retains a visiting profes­sor­ship. He has also held academic posi­tions at the Univer­sity of Inns­bruck, the WU, DeMont­fort Univer­sity (UK) and the Inter­na­tional Univer­sity (Germany).

He is a co-e­ditor in chief of Zeit­schrift für Perso­nal­for­schung (German Journal of Rese­arch in Human Resource Manage­ment) and has received rese­arch grants from the Economic and Social Rese­arch Council (UK), The Anglo-­German Foun­da­tion for the Study of Indus­trial Society and the Euro­pean Union Trai­ning and Mobi­lity Rese­ar­cher Scheme.

At WU he is a member of the Equal Oppor­tu­nities Working Group, the works council and several self-go­vern­ment commit­tees.

Selected Publi­ca­tions

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