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Aida Hajro



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CV von Aida Hajro

Aida Hajro is an Assistant Professor at the Management Department of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her current interests lie in sustainable development, with special focus on the social-side of sustainability, specifically, migration. In her research, she addresses how multinational corporations tackle migration-specific targets as reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.
Her work has been published in journals, such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of World Business, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and Human Resource Management Journal. It has been also recognized by prestigious awards including the Academy of Management Review Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management IMD Robert H. Schaffer Award, and the British Academy of Management Award. Aida has served on the editorial review boards of the Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of World Business.
She is also the co-founding member of the “Migration, Business, and Society” global network initiative (https://www.migrationbusinesssociety.net/).

Selected publications:
Hajro, A., Zilinskaite, M., & Baldassari, P. (2021). Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Global Migration and its Implications for Business School Teaching. Academy of Management Learning and Education. Please note that the first and second authors contributed equally on this paper. https://doi.org/10.5465/amle.2020.0260

Hajro, A., Caprar, D., Zikic, J., & Stahl, G.K. (2021).Global Migrants: Understanding the Implications for International Business and Management. Journal of World Business. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jwb.2021.101192

Stahl, G.K., Brewster, C.J., Collings, D.G., & Hajro, A. (2020). Enhancing the Role of Human Resource Management in Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility: A Multi-stakeholder, Multidimensional Approach to HRM. Human Resource Management Review, 30(3): 1-16.

Hajro, A., Stahl, G.K., Clegg, C., & Lazarova, M. (2019). Integrating Skilled Migrants: A Multi-Level Framework of the Individual, Organizational, and Societal Influences on Migrants’ Acculturation Outcomes. Human Resource Management Journal, 29(3): 328-352.

Hajro, A., Gibson, C., & Pudelko, M. (2017). Knowledge Exchange Processes in Multicultural Teams: Linking Organizational Diversity Climates to Teams’ Effectiveness. Academy of Management Journal, 60(1): 345-372.