Einblick in eine Lernzone im LC Gebäude

Course Personnel Development in Times of Crisis

15. November 2022

The Institute was delighted to have welcomed on November the 14th 2022 practitioners from industry and representatives of the Austrian “Social-Partners” (Trade Unionists and Shop Stewards) to discuss with students on our innovative course “Personnel Development in Times of Crisis” the impact of multi-level crisis and radical change (e.g., Globalisation, Individualisation, Sustainability and Digitalization) on the role and purpose of Trade Unions and the implications for future HR - Shop Steward - Employee workplace relationships.

In photo from left:

Thomas Matuska (Group Angestellterbetriebsrat, ZKW Wieselburg).

Christian Fußthaler (Arbeiterbetriebsrat, ZKW Wieselburg).

Armin Riedel (Angestelltenbetriebsrat, Engel St. Valentin).

Christian Pichler (PRO-GE Sekretär).

Brian Matthews MSc (Kursleiter).

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